Translation of complicated in Spanish:


complicado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑmpləˌkeɪdəd/ /ˈkɒmplɪkeɪtɪd/


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    she's a complicated person es una persona complicada
    • That situation reflects the necessity of different approaches to capture different aspects of a very complicated historical and contemporary reality.
    • He went on, however, to draw attention to what he described as one critical distinction, and in doing so may have created further confusion in this already complicated and difficult area.
    • It is simple to follow and will not confuse the reader with complicated jargon or difficult concepts, yet its potential benefits are large.
    • As you get to the more complicated and perplexing aspects of physical science you reach a quagmire in having a unified answer.
    • You need a degree in applied math fully to understand the complicated way the different tariffs interact with one another but, generally, costs have been dropping at a reasonable rate.
    • It gets more complicated when countries with different cultures and values are included in the discussion.
    • Even my views on physical punishment in the classroom are different and more complicated than your correspondent implies.
    • The series was intended to look at this complicated issue from different angles.
    • A survey of small businesses has found that more than a quarter have admitted they made the wrong IT purchases because they were confused by overly complicated technical jargon.
    • In fact, it is just too confusing and unnecessarily complicated.
    • A single-pointed approach is important when situations get complicated, confused or out of hand.
    • Avoid those who try to conceal what they are doing, tell you it's too complicated or use confusing and unnecessary jargon.
    • There is a sense that in some intangible fashion the country is simply too big, too confusing, too complicated to be governed effectively.
    • Many of course arrive here as refugees, which adds a further complex element to an already complicated situation.
    • Some news items were too complicated to explain to the public.
    • You see this very, very deep ambivalence on both sides that I think makes the political situation very complicated.
    • As I said, why do companies have to make things so complicated?
    • Life for him has become absolutely simple as it has become incredibly complicated for his spouse and family.
    • Applying feng shui to your own home or work place need not be overly complicated nor expensive.
    • I have to admit, you made things a bit more complicated for us.