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compositor, n.

Pronunciación /kəmˈpoʊzər/ /kəmˈpəʊzə/

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    compositor masculino
    compositora femenino
    • There are also composers who write concert music that cries out to be used in films.
    • In addition to his dramatic music, he was a notable composer of chamber music for strings.
    • Last week we delved into the world of classical music composers who had been inspired by the beautiful game.
    • It points up his similarities to classical composers like Debussy and Chopin.
    • As always it is a matter of time before the ideas composers write today will be fully dissimulated.
    • For the concert, the composers have written a variety of pieces that are aimed at the talents of the young musicians.
    • His great grandfather was a great folk music composer in Norway and wrote a lot of fiddle tunes.
    • Igor Stravinsky was the first composer to have his complete works recorded while he was still alive.
    • The pair will play their own compositions alongside a varied programme of music by other composers.
    • On this view, a human being might be compared to a composer or songwriter creating a piece of music.
    • A score like this from a composer as vital to contemporary music as Ligeti has to be recorded.
    • He was also a gifted music scholar, composer and pianist - a talent now beyond him due to his illness.
    • Vladigerov is one of the first Bulgarian composers whose music is recognised all over the world.
    • There cannot have been many, if any, concerts in York that were entirely devoted to music by women composers.
    • Bogard, on the other hand, is a promoter of new music and an advocate of music by women composers.
    • He regards him as one of the leading composers of liturgical music in the country.
    • Anyway, imagine for a second that you are the composer of music for television programmes.
    • He studied the work of classical composers like Debussy and Stravinsky.
    • You can play them as well, as the composer has included the sheet music for all nine tunes in the CD booklet.
    • However, he laments the fact that some composers have never written for their instrument.