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Pronunciación /kəmˈpɑzət/ /ˈkɒmpəzɪt/

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    (compound, made up)
    composite picture / photograph fotomontaje
    • he is a composite character es un personaje amalgama de otros
    • The higher values in D. simulans were mainly caused by the high sequence divergence of the ULRs of the composite elements.
    • They tried to abandon elements of composite culture.
    • Mochizuki's innovation was to develop a composite art, incorporating elements from all of the schools he had studied.
    • He inherited from his father a composite culture which included elements of Sufism and Hinduism.
    • The composite elements are arranged in a bicyclic fashion which is a derivative of a purine ring system.
    • The world, as he sees it, consists of ‘good guys’ and ‘bad guys’, with the latter combining to form a composite threat.
    • She suggests a space of possibility for mixed folks to embrace composite identities as part of an inter-ethnic, anti-racism struggle.
    • Interesting special features explain how they did all this with real animals, showing the way effects blended together tigers and people shot separately to make composite scenes.
    • The result then is a harmonious blend of their voices to form an impressive, composite whole.
    • A composite definition would include three elements.
    • The composite battalion operated the mixed weapons for the remainder of the siege.
    • They come in two varieties, elementary and composite.
    • Either you can't put together the myriad thoughts and decisions of millions of voters into one composite meaning, or in a rough and ready way you can; but in the latter case there has to be some logical consistency to it.
    • Her team of researchers created a computer programme which reads through some 13 online news sites and sifts through them to make composite stories on different subjects.
    • Well, more than a few people obviously over the years have wondered whether Deep Throat even actually existed, or was some kind of composite character.
    • For a composite insurance group, this is a drain on capital which prevents it making progress in areas it can manage actively, such as general insurance.
    • It's not a composite indicator, just how many empty units there happened to be in October.
    • Mortality was better predicted by the composite physiological index than by pulmonary function tests.
    • We therefore assessed the relevant methodological aspects individually rather than use a composite score.
    • All items are then summed into a total composite score indicating drug use severity.
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    (plants/flowers) compuesto
    • Members of the composite family are powerful attractors of beneficial insects, as well as bees and butterflies.
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    (number) no primo
    (number) divisible
    • Positive integers greater than 1 that aren't prime are called composite integers.
    • Positive integers other than primes, known as composite numbers, can be written as the product of smaller primes.
    • These particular numbers have characteristics that make it relatively easy to check whether a candidate is either a prime number or a composite number.
    • Eratosthenes's sieve drains out composite numbers and leaves prime numbers behind.
    • And hence it will be quite in order to maintain that the square is not less than double the area of the triangle inscribed within it, and to affirm other similar properties that belong to the nature of this composite figure.


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    amalgama femenino
    combinación femenino
    • If you're a good writer, all the characters should be composites and have the elements of different people.
    • The true metals are actually elements, whereas the false metals are alloys - composites of elements.
    • Each of the following examples is a composite of elements I have encountered in real-life situations.
    • These alloys also feature projected costs lower than those of alternatives such as titanium alloys or advanced composites.
    • What is significant is that organizational training simulations go beyond stand-alone simulators to encompass a composite of the various systems found in the organization.
    • However I submit that it is, fundamentally, a composite of moral, intellectual, and administrative capabilities, combined with seriousness of purpose.
    • It reminds me of those weird dreams you have - where you are talking to someone that sort of looks like someone you know - but is actually a composite of several people you know.
    • Even more than the private corporation, it is a composite of huge numbers of individuals who bring to this sprawling nation their own distinctive pasts.
    • I was under the impression that that was a fictional composite of St. Grottlesex schools, but I haven't seen the movie in years.
    • And so we thought, and I asked the staff to put together a composite.
    • One program reminder, this Sunday night we'll present a composite of interviews that we've done with Brando on this show.
    • And then, to release a composite of his face, that's not totally accurate.
    • Clearly, it was a composite of reasons that convinced him, as it did the president and, indeed, many others across the world.
    • A composite of that individual, sources say, has already been done.
    • We've created the ultimate - a fantasy composite of our favorite terminal amenities from around the world.
    • In addition to being ancient, the endorsement is actually a composite of three different and very old New York Times pieces.
    • Basically, he's a composite of much of what I grew up with.
    • His character, a composite of three French commanders in Algeria, had fought in the resistance and in Vietnam.
    • They were a composite of different needs and motivations.
    • The six behavioral risk factors were summed to form an unweighted risk composite that ranged from 0 to 6.
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    compuesta femenino
    • The plants sprouting now include grasses, clovers, dandelions, several types of thistle, mustards, and small composites.
    • The vibrant herbaceous life had retreated underground, but the skeletons of rattlesnake master, asters, goldenrods and other composites remained among the grasses.