Translation of composition in Spanish:


composición, n.

Pronunciation /ˌkɑmpəˈzɪʃ(ə)n/ /kɒmpəˈzɪʃ(ə)n/

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    composición feminine
    the composition of the subsoil la composición del subsuelo
    • Though the clothes themselves are ordinary garments, they are by the nature of their composition all individual.
    • In tumors with heterogeneous cellularity, fields were selected to reflect the whole tumor composition.
    • But the exact composition of this mixture varies from person to person, depending on body chemistry and diet.
    • Well, the concern and the uncertainty that we're facing now is that we're not sure about the nature of the chemical composition of the magma that is involved in driving this thing.
    • Tourism has also accelerated immigration to Panajachel and furthered a gradual diversification in its social composition.
    • The ingredient and nutrient composition of the basal diet is presented in Tables 1 and 2.
    • Endogenous LS is a complex, multicomponent mixture, the precise composition of which is still not completely defined.
    • The materials alchemists used were typically impure mixtures whose composition varied according the site from which they originated.
    • As diagenetic growth of authigenic apatite continues within a bone, the isotopic composition of the whole bone will trend towards a purely diagenetic signal.
    • Later Surveyor missions carried analytical instrumentation to determine the chemical composition of the soil samples.
    • Currently, we create so much CO 2 this way that we are changing the chemical composition of the atmosphere.
    • Sojourner analyzed the chemical composition of fifteen rocks using its alpha proton X-ray spectrometer.
    • We are determined that the Armed Forces should better reflect the ethnic composition of the British population.
    • Finally, long-term cholesterol depletion could initiate compensatory changes in membrane lipid composition.
    • Although their body fat was not reduced, the addition of the lean mass altered their body composition.
    • The cumulative effect, over billions of years, is to change the elemental composition of the universe.
    • For that reason the isotope composition of the labelling solution was determined.
    • Underlying that growth was a dramatic shift in the ethnic composition of the population.
    • Immigration policy has produced an extraordinary change in the ethnic composition of the U.S. population.
    • One such question has to do with the composition of the atmosphere as observed by Huygens.
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    • 2.1Art Literature Music

      composición feminine
      • It is what one might expect of an artist experimenting with the composition of a companion picture.
      • Rubens sometimes used monochrome techniques in sketching compositions for engravers.
      • Some of the artists worked out their compositions with small sketches, at other times they would work with a spontaneous intuitive flow, reacting and responding to their evolving composition.
      • Frightened is also a pretty picture, but the composition is a little complex, and we can almost hear the noise when the artist cut the woodblock.
      • Both paintings share similar compositions; an enormous crane and a fragment of sky are shown where the towers used to be.
      • Artists draw a composition on a block of wood and then cut away the areas they do not want to ink, leaving a relief of the intended image.
      • The larger paintings are staged in a manner characteristic of Manet's early studio compositions.
      • A zone of smeared blue pushes in from the upper right corner, destabilizing the composition, giving the brushwork it impinges on a frenetic quality.
      • Here, his composition, line and Fauvist hues abstract the imagined essence of flowers on conspicuous stalks that may be heading on to hip and seed.
      • Including him also helped Holbein to balance the composition, which is slightly weighted to the left in the drawing.
      • The space-box is replaced by compositions organized through a loose symmetry.
      • Here Sherman lauded the manner in which elements in Cezanne's pictures were adjusted for the sake of the composition, independent of laws of reality.
      • The rows vary in texture and density, from single pages to cardboard book covers, undulating in a wavelike pattern across the horizontal composition.
      • For composition is not just a way to organize a picture.
      • Her first pictures were of fishermen, factory workers, and lorry drivers, all remarkable for their composition and colouring.
      • The latter two works have an irregularly repeated fringelike pattern that anchors the composition.
      • In a number of instances, the choice of the artist commissioned to produce a portrait is as significant as the portrait's format or composition.
      • There are also educational pieces, numerous compositions of chamber music and two concertos.
      • One rarely associates the term ‘programmatic music’ with the compositions of Johannes Brahms.
      • His compositions comprise mainly chamber music, including string quartets and accompanied keyboard sonatas.
      • Despite the complex rhythms of his compositions, Stravinsky's music is imbued with the spirit of the dance, and it was not just in the scores written specifically for ballet that he produced ideal ballet music.
      • Mention the word ‘étude,’ and compositions by Chopin, Debussy or Czerny may come to mind.
      • A song, of course, is a musical composition, a poem or ballad; a ballad is a short narrative poem adopted for reciting or for singing.
      • Josef Suk can always be counted upon to produce good, well crafted and melodious music and these three compositions certainly live up to that description.
      • Each of her dances, however, was created around different music, ranging from the baroque compositions of Johann Pachelbel to local folk songs.
      • At the same time, he fully recognises the impact of existing music on his own compositions.
      • This made it an object of desire in the homes of the fast-growing bourgeoisie, creating a market greedy for the sheet music of Chopin's compositions that poured into the shops.
      • He maintains clarity of form in the very nuclei of his compositions, namely the melodies that he derives from folk songs and dances, and transfers this to a larger scale.
      • Musical compositions accompanying each piece help set the mood.
      • Because he wrote equally as well for the orchestra, the piano orchestral works are compositions all serious musicians should explore.
      • Such motives form the basis for his musical compositions, especially the operas.
      • On a couple of tracks, he added a heavy dose of jazz in between his chamber music compositions.
      • Itsuko Hasegawa, one of Japan's most widely respected architects, likens making architecture to the act of creating a poem or a musical composition.
      • It's a neat trick, actually, and sidesteps the innate structure that pervades dance music's more epic compositions.
      • Their repertoire spans from traditional Chinese music to contemporary Canadian compositions, and other cross-cultural pieces.
      • These include various compositions by Bach, Mozart, Schumann, Haydn, Beethoven and Purcell.
      • It was later recognised as one of the iconic compositions of classical music.
      • Musicians will gain a broad range of skills including technology, performance, composition and music business.
      • I'm deeply concerned with harmony, and yet it is the aspect of composition that is the most predetermined methodically.
      • Experience the process of composition of the art.
      • It's an enjoyable experience in its own right and with a high standard of composition and performance the album could be ‘Music to watch clouds by’.
      • He brought his political commitment and his many talents - photography, journalism and music composition - to film-making.
      • Formal study followed at Latrobe University developing interests in 20th century composition, Jazz and Music from other cultures.
      • They can endure anguish as they go through the process of composition.
      • The other contests the students had to vie in were designing a book cover, radio jockeying, poetry composition, hairstyle, make-up, modelling and recitation.
      • I preferred to study harmony, counterpoint and composition.
      • After the radio performance, the RTÉ producers encouraged the girls to continue to work together, as it was felt that they have an obvious talent for composition and performance.
      • It has a profound effect on literary composition.
      • Once you started writing, what effect did music have upon the composition of the poems and what composers might have influenced your work?
      • Its singing melodies, rocking accompaniments and romantic harmonies advance the composition of nocturnes from Field to Chopin.
      • All of this work furthered my composition of new prose poems.
      • In spite of his many talents and activities, he never lost sight of his primary mission - the composition of serious concert music.
      • Therefore, no objective standard exists for the composition or development of music.
      • The notes are a bit dry but not technical and offer some educational insights into the composition of the music.
      • At one level, no doubt, we could say that everything in a poet's life becomes integral to the composition of the poem, whatever the form or genre.
      • The selections have been arranged roughly in chronological order, by year of composition, a format that works surprisingly well.
      • Esch decided to return to his prior vocation as an adjunct professor of prose composition at Harvard.

    • 2.2(essay)

      redacción feminine
      composición feminine Latin America
      • But CStar is not limited to writing compositions for class.
      • The flag was saluted, cheers given for the King and senior classes were given the task of writing a composition on the greatness of the British Empire.
      • Written compositions will show a familiarity with informal, spoken English.
      • I recall once going over a five-page composition I'd written for his class and counting over thirty be-verbs.
      • When I was at school in the 1940s and 50s, we were asked to write compositions on how we would spend this leisure time and what kind of tourism we would like to see developed.
      • In the English syllabus I enjoyed writing compositions, but I didn't really like sentence analysis.
      • The choice of compositions offered to ordinary-level students included one on the topic of travelling on a school bus.
      • Judging from school compositions, he was writing and talking like this when he was eleven.
      • You know, sitting down to write about the weekend is a bit like being back at school and told to write a composition on ‘What I Did During The Holidays’.
      • When I teach college composition to ESL students, I spend much of my time thinking about linguistic matters.
      • The study employed a total of five morphological and syntactic structures as unmarked and marked error types in two student compositions and investigated 40 professors' reactions to them.
      • We began writing compositions in school when I was 11 or 12.
      • All through school I loved to write reports and compositions, but never anything that would reveal the feelings going on inside me.
      • We did not use newspaper, as the students' compositions would be much more visible on the plain surface than on ‘busy’ newsprint.
      • The sources of data included oral interviews, written compositions, and letters.
      • The author subsequently met with six 10-year-olds, and asked them to write a composition about their school.
      • Our homework from Friday was to write a composition on our dream for the world with a forward from Dr. Martian Luther King's speech at the top.
      • Results supporting this hypothesis are presented from analyses of 114 compositions written by French and Japanese background learners of English.
      • It was all a dream - as we used to say at the end of our compositions in elementary school.

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    composición feminine
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    mezcla feminine
    (rubber/sole) (before noun) sintético
    • Solid vinyl tile is a non-backed product that contains higher levels of vinyl resins, plasticizers and stabilizers than composition tile.
    • In high-traffic areas, Kastner says he uses modular carpet for high-wear areas and vinyl composition tile for corridors with less traffic.
    • So it was soon banned as was hard composition rubber.
    • A new, 500-space parking lot is hidden amid grassy dunes on which saltgrass is growing in durable composition material.
    • For example, composition tile consists of a vinyl surface with a separate backing.
    • We looked at copper, composition shingles, slate and concrete, and finally decided on rubber shingles made entirely from recycled tires.
    • Wood composition sheathing may be glued to polyurethane and isocyanurate slabs of insulation in the same way as EPS panels.
    • Nickel alloys are normally welded with matching composition filler metals.
    • A particular problem with composition shingles is that due to the heat-softening, they become very prone to damage.
    • Excessive heat build-up in an attic can shorten the longevity of composition roof shingles by causing premature evaporation of the oils in the asphalt.
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    (agreement, settlement)
    transacción feminine
    (with creditors) convenio masculine