Traducción de compressor en español:


compresor, n.

Pronunciación /kəmˈprɛsər/ /kəmˈprɛsə/

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    compresor masculino
    • And I'm sure my compressor will lock up with sludge soon.
    • Your order for 1200 Genome Intensity Emitter vents and 1500 DNA compressors have been received and are being manufactured.
    • There is a little bit of outboard EQ and very few compressors in the monitor system.
    • The only real light was from the red and blue lights above my head and the green light from the compressors.
    • Packing compressors are zip bags that hold clothes.
    • Then I found the As Seen on TV Aisle and used the vacuum sealer and the food compressor to store as much fresh food as I could.