Translation of computer in Spanish:


computadora, n.

Pronunciation /kəmˈpjudər/ /kəmˈpjuːtə/

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    computadora feminine mainly Latin America
    computador masculine mainly Latin America
    ordenador masculine Spain
    (society/age/revolution) (before noun) de la informática
    (program/game) de computadora mainly Latin America
    (program/game) de computador mainly Latin America
    (program/game) de ordenador Spain
    (graphics/animation) por computadora mainly Latin America
    (graphics/animation) por computador mainly Latin America
    (graphics/animation) por ordenador Spain
    all the data is on computer todos los datos están computarizados / computerizados
    • to put sth on computer informatizar algo
    • she works in computers trabaja en informática / computación
    • computer fraud fraude informático
    • computer pornography pornografía informática / por Internet
    • computer printout impresión de salida
    • computer room sala de computadoras (or de ordenadores etc.)
    • computer skills conocimientos de informática / de computación
    • computer typesetting composición por computadora (or por ordenador etc.)
    • computer user usuario de computadora (or de ordenador etc.)
    • The laws were designed to prosecute people who hack into computers and steal information.
    • Patients will receive information through their computers on how to manage their disease.
    • The updated carriages also sport power sockets for notebook computers and other devices.
    • Participants scan the barcodes of every product they buy using a hand-held computer at home.
    • The four-page tabloids, little more than newsletters, materialized mainly because the editor used his personal computer at home.
    • I waited until a powerful laptop computer was under $1000 before buying it.
    • Clearly, not too many can afford to buy their own personal computers.
    • Perhaps the most compelling reason to buy a desktop computer is to get your choice of flat-panel displays.
    • Since then, the craft appears to have rebooted its own on-board computer more than 60 times.
    • The three desktop computers are connected to each other using Ethernet with a hub.
    • I'd like to be able to access email remotely from the new notebook computer.
    • Such games hint at how best to program a quantum computer.
    • The missile was equipped with an autonomous inertial command structure and an on-board digital computer.
    • The group built the largest quantum computer ever, capable of factoring the number 15.
    • Early in his career, he pushed for the Smithsonian to purchase its first mainframe computer.
    • But speed barriers, even in today's fast computers, are already an issue.
    • Today's computers process data in the form of voltages representing 1s and 0s.
    • The use of hand-held computers varies widely in clinical practice.
    • However, integrated graphics are the mainstay of today's office computers.
    • The worm attempts to copy itself to the Windows folder on networked computers with open shared drives.