Translation of computer-friendly in Spanish:


compatible con computadoras, adj.

Pronunciation /kəmˌpjudərˈfrɛn(d)li/


  • 1

    (compatible with IT)
    (systems/methods) compatible con computadoras Latin America
    (systems/methods) compatible con computadores Latin America
    (systems/methods) compatible con ordenadores Spain
    • In your case, however, the files contained on your MP3 disc are stored in a computer-friendly, standardized ‘data CD format’ and do not require specialized ripping software.
    • Nuclear is the biggest producer of office furniture in South Africa and focuses specifically on open-plan and computer-friendly furniture.
    • The computer-friendly thing to do is leave a note at the front that says, ‘please do a global search and replace and fix it’.
  • 2

    (able to use IT)
    (employee/work force) con conocimientos de informática
    • I'm not computer-friendly - I don't even own one.
    • In this fashion, I suspect sedentary, computer-friendly Canada has become a nation of cold-blooded snipers now.