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computer game

videojuego, n.

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    videojuego masculino
    juego de computadora masculino América Latina
    juego de computador masculino América Latina
    juego de ordenador masculino España
    • The rules for building houses in the computer game Sim City are stricter than those that apply in most areas of the Sun Belt.
    • Of course, this would be very difficult to program into a computer game.
    • To what extent was the computer game taken into account during the creation of the movie score?
    • Do gamers really want to think while playing a computer game or just shoot things?
    • Taking any pen and paper role-playing system and turning it into a successful computer game is a daunting task.
    • A computer game can provide this feedback and it can also provide a means of competition.
    • There are lines of dialogue in this title that I thought I'd never hear in the context of a computer game.
    • There are no lives at stake in a computer game either, lifting that emotional burden.
    • This is a curious goal for a computer game, but it is fun to watch your singles flirt, joke and bond.
    • The human faces look very realistic while the environment is as close as you get to the real thing in a computer game.
    • Reading this, one senses the very special place these guys hold in their hearts for a particular computer game.
    • England goal-hero David Beckham is poised to be re-invented as the hero of a computer game.
    • It is the sheer pointlessness of recreating scenes from a computer game that makes it all the more valuable.
    • Thus begins one of the scariest trailers for a computer game I have ever seen.
    • One example is the development of an online computer game to help teach children to deal with emergencies.
    • When he is not absorbed by a computer game he likes nothing better than playing basketball or a game of football with his school mates.
    • If he spends time on the computer, you can buy him a computer game or CD-ROM on a topic that he enjoys.
    • Centring on an interactive computer game, the project shows money worries can be eased with careful planning.
    • Let a child play a computer game with a joystick and he will go on for hours.
    • One computer game was designed to simulate the negative consequences of drug abuse.