Traducción de computing en español:


informática, n.

Pronunciación /kəmˈpjudɪŋ/ /kəmˈpjuːtɪŋ/

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    informática femenino
    computación femenino
    computing skills competencia en el uso de computadoras (or ordenadores etc.)
    • computing time tiempo máquina
    • Some base technologies for utility computing include virtualization and automated operations.
    • After all, today's laptops have just as much computing power as desktops, without taking up as much space.
    • Where the money will be is in supplying personal computing, not personal computers.
    • The fight pits the computer electronics and computing side of the company against their music label.
    • I always think of mobile computing as personal computing.
    • Its share of overall computing has decreased as computing has become ubiquitous.
    • His main areas of interest are computer networks and distributed computing.
    • In the future the most extensive and complicated computing tasks can only be resolved with a quantum computer.
    • Indeed, today we have much computing and information processing capability.
    • Operating systems are a basic and necessary part of any computing environment.
    • Such a switch could be useful in communications and optical computing.
    • Those PDA users who follow safe computing guidelines are highly unlikely to be seriously affected.
    • Over the past few years we've seen a barrage of aftermarket CPU coolers entering the enthusiast computing market.
    • Most large businesses have customer data in multiple computing environments.
    • However, this software already has had a profound effect on the personal computing industry.
    • What's more, the right software could convert the Xbox into a far more useful computing device than it currently is.
    • We would need a better system for synchronising data among separate computing devices.
    • Peer-to-peer computing enables networked computers to eliminate the need for a server.
    • The quest for noiseless computing has been highly sought by computer users over the past several years.
    • In the olden days of interactive computing, you got an account on one computer which was all you ever used.