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lo cóncavo, n.

Pronunciación /kɑnˈkævədi/ /kɒnˈkavɪti/

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nombreplural concavities

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    (of lens, mirror, surface)
    lo cóncavo
    • ‘Lower’ refers to the side of the test to which the neck curves; Figure 7 provides an example of how length, width, concavity and curvature are measured.
    • Scanning electron micrographs of the discs of the tube feet of Odontaster validus revealed varying degrees of concavity.
    • It only reflects the consequence of an empirical fact, the degree of concavity of individual utility functions.
    • The degree of concavity is measured by the proportionate rate of decrease of the slope, that is, the rate at which the slope decreases divided by the slope itself.
    • Ontogenetic thickening of branches reduces the degree of dorsal concavity.
    • A polarity is set up between the assertive convex solidity of Broadcasting House and the receptive concavity and lightness of the suspended facade.
    • Positive own-price flexibilities violate quasi concavity of the underlying distance function, although the fact that these estimates are essentially zero moderates this concern.
    • The photolabeling of the AdoMet-binding sites displayed homotropic negative cooperativity, characterized by a curvilinear Scatchard plot with upward concavity.
    • Koilonychia is represented by transverse and longitudinal concavity of the nail, resulting in a ‘spoon-shaped’ nail.
    • With increasing quantiles, the quadratic coefficient became more negative, implying increased concavity of the inverted parabolic function.
    • The cervical centra are amphicoelous, but do not have the deep, bowl-shaped concavity as in Polycotylus.
    • There is a characteristic anterior pointing and medial concavity of the frontal horns, seen on the coronal scans.
    • Then the T wave becomes broad and the ST segment elevates, losing its normal concavity.
    • The flow-volume curves usually show a marked decrease in flow with decreasing lung volumes, typically evidenced by concavity of the expiratory portion of the flow curve.
    • Both Dr Lee and Dr Moore-Gillon agreed that the flow volume loops produced in the MAP LFTs showed some concavity, which was suggestive of airflow obstruction.
    • However, survival curves for all the mutants showed some upward concavity, which would be consistent with a resistant subpopulation of cells.
    • Keel angle and body concavity / convexity measurements (described above) were recorded from CT scans at several locations along the body.
    • The concavity of the ventral interarea and shell outline varies considerably in this species.
    • The concavity of the retina is another fact adduced in favour of the theory that our visual space is curved.
    • In D. herschelensis, the concavity of the articular face of the vertebrae is not as deep as in P. latipinnis.
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    concavidad femenino
    • Varied in circumference and width but uniform in texture, the smooth surfaces of the concavities contrast with the gritty exteriors, which, for the most part, are left untouched.
    • The light from above distorts in the concavities formed at the points on which the strider rests.
    • The shape of Taormina is a geometry of interlocking and contrapuntal curves and concavities with various centres and focal points.
    • Considerable differences between mitochondria can also be observed: some of them are regular, spherical or oval, whereas the surface of others is irregular, with smaller or bigger concavities.
    • The figures are in groups, occupying concavities in the walls of the cave.
    • The negative shapes that result - multiple concavities as baroquely complex as the engendering ovals are rudimentary - echo with revised color choices and adjusted contours.
    • There are usually no holes all the way through but lots of protuberances and concavities.
    • Flakes with concavities exhibiting steep, unifacial retouch were used to whittle or plane wood, and flakes displaying spurs were used to incise bone or antler.
    • Oskar had nothing but his fists with which to fill the two concavities.
    • These are broad concavities in the ambitus that could be considered precursors to the ambulacral notches of certain mellitids.
    • In time, they would develop concavities, and would require laborious grinding to put them back into shape.
    • Ben Tre finishes the work by hand, often coating the concavities with color or gold leaf.
    • The labial surfaces of the plates are smooth, slightly convex both mesially and distally with a shallow concavity between.
    • From a hill-like rise at left to the pyramidal structure and round-lipped concavity on the right, the work does so by emphasizing this Arizona as a feminized site.
    • The upturned cardiac apex and the pulmonary artery concavity cause the appearance of a ‘boot shaped’ heart which is usually seen in the older child or the patient with pseudotruncus.
    • A deep labial concavity is present between the two projections.
    • The key observation here is that Hadrocodium has no trough or concavity.
    • Instead, a very shallow longitudinal concavity is present along the midventral surface.
    • The amygdaloid body is an ovoid gray nuclear mass, oriented transversely and with a slight posterior concavity.