Translation of conceal in Spanish:


ocultar, v.

Pronunciation /kənˈsil/ /kənˈsiːl/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    (object/facts/truth) ocultar
    (emotions) disimular
    (emotions) ocultar
    to conceal sth from sb ocultar(le) algo a algn
    he had a gun concealed beneath his coat ocultaba un arma bajo el abrigo
    • she looked at him with barely concealed hatred/disdain lo miró con mal disimulado odio/desdén
    • The problem for me is how unfreedom is hidden, concealed in precisely what is presented to us as new freedoms.
    • The knowledge of this has always been there, but it's been half hidden, concealed for its own good.
    • Humankind's deceptive nature is probably the one thing we cannot hide or conceal.
    • She said he concealed his darker side behind a veneer of respectability in order to hide his true character from adoring fans.
    • The effect is to blow away the smokescreen that Big Tobacco created to conceal its darker nature.
    • The past year has brought to light what so long was concealed under the veil of the German consensus model.
    • But her personal antipathy conceals a more serious matter.
    • Through Europe, there can be a kind of internationalism in name and law, but one that conceals a more fragmented continent, obsessed with regional concerns.
    • However, this statistic conceals some wider problems.
    • They are adept in concealing their ideological and political agenda in a very attractive and secular-looking package.
    • While the movement lost support and membership internally, it was able to conceal this from the public.
    • Eventually you discover that the complex language of pensions is designed to conceal a very simple reality.
    • Everybody knows everybody so it hard to conceal something like a kidnapping.
    • The shocking double life she led was concealed from her workmates and family.
    • His contempt for foreigners includes the Englishman, but is carefully concealed.
    • It is well able to deconstruct political spin and identify truths which are being concealed or denied.
    • Without them, the problem would still be concealed and the public would be in ignorance.
    • Those were still the days when an illegitimate child was a matter for shame, to be concealed from society if at all possible.
    • Cross species transmission of disease is not at all new and it is nonsense to suggest that this has been concealed from the public.
    • The past always haunts, more especially if it is being concealed from people.
    • My dark hair conceals my damp yellow eyes, like a funeral veil that hides a widow's tears.
    • She carefully picked up two small bottles, concealing one with the other.
    • The room in which was entered was both dead and dark, concealing everything that existed in it.
    • No legislation allows that drugs can be concealed in the patients' food.
    • Then I proceeded to dig a small ditch and hide them in it, concealed by fallen leaves.
    • He sat up in his bed without a shirt on and covers concealing the lower half of his body.
    • Obscured from view, a larger tent covered the area where her body was found concealed under straw.
    • He took the scenic route back to the castle, where no one walked and it was dark, so he was concealed easily.
    • It stands in a cutting, and the hotel at the head of the platforms conceals the long, glazed vaults of the train shed.
    • More than once the back of my car was concealing the very people the police sought as they waved me through the roadblock.
    • The hazard warning lights were on and the bonnet of the car was up, concealing Dr Shankar.
    • She had her back to me at the time, a strong, beautiful back that was barely concealed.
    • They said the paintings were in excellent condition but without their frames, and were well concealed in the attic.
    • It was underneath carpet behind a cabinet and was obviously concealed.
    • Carrying a gun in a vehicle also is illegal because it is considered to be concealed.
    • Items such as guns, explosives or other harmful materials could be concealed in these.
    • These have been concealed so that the heat does not affect the temperature inside the boat.
    • She could not say what clues revealed her body had been concealed there.
    • It was later found that four million cigarettes had been concealed inside the bales.
    • Bricks and dirt were spread about in a studied way, as if someone were trying to conceal something beneath.
  • 2concealed past participle

    (door/camera) oculto
    (lighting) indirecto
    concealed wiring instalación (eléctrica) empotrada
    • concealed entrance/exit peligro: entrada/salida de vehículos