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ocultación, n.

Pronunciación /kənˈsilmənt/ /kənˈsiːlm(ə)nt/

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    ocultación femenino
    • From the clerk of the kitchen I required the buttery accounts without varnish or concealment.
    • Priests of the country can more easily remain in concealment.
    • She was transparent in an era during which the political class have become expert at concealment.
    • Prior to the inspectors coming back in he was engaged in a systematic exercise in concealment of the weapons. "
    • Inwardly angry at his own foolishness, he stepped out of his hiding dropping all pretence of concealment.
    • All eligible patients were assigned to each group by simple randomization with rigorous allocation concealment.
    • The law collectively provides the main safeguards against the concealment of secret homicide.
    • The work of art is true by virtue of uncovering or bringing out of concealment.
    • To discover whether ungulate coloration aids in concealment, we first tested whether uniform pelage color typically matches habitat background.
    • Hence, concealment of information constitutes measures to counter enemy reconnaissance.
    • Overseas Governments are not fooled by that concealment of convictions.
    • There have been some reports in the literature suggesting that more recent events may be more susceptible to concealment than less recent events.
    • The techniques that tend to reveal artificial devices can, paradoxically, also participate to some concealment of discourse.
    • In the past nine months he has delayed or denied access to four out of five sites where UNSCOM believed concealment was taking place.
    • Thus does art progress from form to form, from problems raised to problems solved, accruing successive layers of concealment.
    • This month, let's look at three other methods for achieving maximum concealment.
    • However, it should not be on the basis on which this bill proceeds, which is a blanket concealment of convictions.
    • There was also an aerial monitoring of troop movements and concealment and deception measures.
    • Denial and concealment of pregnancy still exists in Irish society today, research says
    • Concealment, then, carries a risk.