Translation of conceited in Spanish:


engreído, adj.

Pronunciation /kənˈsidəd/ /kənˈsiːtɪd/

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    creído informal
    • Not to be vain or conceited, but it was the truth and anyone sensible would agree.
    • He is not alone in saying that some American lawyers and accountants are conceited and arrogant about what they think is a superior system.
    • Then, typically, she worries that this sounds arrogant or conceited.
    • You have a considerable amount of self-confidence, and you like yourself without being conceited or boastful.
    • That said, it can be frustrating working with conceited, egotistical players.
    • I know that might sound pretty arrogant and conceited but it's true, it's really true.
    • From the look on their faces, they were probably arrogant, conceited punks who thought they could get any girl they wanted.
    • When she first meets people Penny is conceited and haughty.
    • She knew nothing about him… yet she had the guts to even describe him as an arrogant conceited brat.
    • It's essential for you not to let yourself appear arrogant and conceited because of this.
    • Charles was arrogant, conceited and a strong believer in the divine rights of kings.
    • For we now have a conceited Government which in its monumental arrogance can brook no opposition.
    • We don't get conceited enough to say ‘we don't need to follow our policies today’.
    • At the centre of the story is the feisty Elizabeth and the conceited Darcy, who initially cannot stand each other but reluctantly fall in love.
    • People looked on that as being conceited or being big - headed.
    • I was naive and conceited enough to believe that posting entries into this page would actually achieve something.
    • It is neither affected nor conceited to care about the impression you make.
    • But to be honest, they all look the same to me, conceited and morose.
    • It has come to signify a group of intolerable, conceited, ruthless snobs.
    • The genuine superstars, he says, tend to be the least conceited.