Traducción de conceivably en español:


Pronunciación /kənˈsivəbli/ /kənˈsiːvəbli/


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    they may conceivably have decided to sell it cabe la posibilidad de que hayan decidido venderlo
    • The events at Middle School Number One are beyond anything that most people could ever conceivably experience.
    • I simply want to see another Conservative Government as soon as conceivably possible.
    • Is it human nature to push things as far back as conceivably possible, or is it just me?
    • Any suggestion that a young actress might conceivably relish the kind of dramas she has experienced lately is met with patient denial.
    • Thus the southern sweep is possible as Vitter could even conceivably get a majority tomorrow.
    • A good number seem to think that moving to the inside lane when possible means zooming into any space that might conceivably take a car for a few yards.
    • For now, Hansen has provided all the detail you could possibly want and much more than you could conceivably need.
    • Pietersen at the time was playing as if he might turn the advantage back England's way, and conceivably even give them a first innings lead.
    • I confess I didn't find it especially exciting, but others conceivably might.
    • If all other candidates received one or two votes each, Kusugak could conceivably have won with only three votes.
    • Golam is now 23, and could conceivably be in racing for the next 20 years.
    • And that, as I may conceivably have mentioned before, is what the whole business of making movies is all about.
    • By the time I was four I could count to any number a four-year old could conceivably come across and found basic arithmetic easy.
    • Those driving the former cop cars off the lots could conceivably be pulled over and ordered into inspection by real cops.
    • At this rate, in seven years, he could conceivably have spent a million dollars.
    • A major Supreme Court decision on the issue conceivably could change a few votes.
    • Who else can conceivably be held accountable for a decision reached at a meeting chaired by the highest executive authority in the land?
    • It could conceivably do the same for pictures, but that is a way off.
    • The only health hazard from the pyres is the smoke itself, he says, which could conceivably cause problems for asthmatics.
    • Biological weapons could conceivably wipe out populations over vast areas.