Translation of concentrate in Spanish:


concentrar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑnsənˌtreɪt/ /ˈkɒns(ə)ntreɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (energies/attention/activities) concentrar
    to concentrate sth on sth concentrar algo en algo
    • Then we would all have had to concentrate upon dealing with hate and bloodthirstiness instead of pouring all our energy into controlling sexuality.
    • This essay type question concentrates on a particular difficulty which has developed in the case law of the Court of Justice.
    • We should concentrate on peace and health for all before we embark on glory for the few.
    • Should it concentrate on the lives of Great Men or deal with broad economic trends?
    • They have a big enough workload and should be concentrating on teaching.
    • That, rather than attacking each other, is what we should be concentrating on.
    • They should be concentrating on investigating the accident or finding the thieves.
    • Either way, big or small, I now know we should be concentrating on the welfare of the staff.
    • Nor should they be concentrating on atmosphere and ambience at the expense of proper food.
    • At this point, he found a Hollywood agent and began concentrating on his film career.
    • One area in particular that the programme concentrates on is the use of bicycles and road safety in general.
    • This particular show mostly concentrates on dance routines interspersed with dramatic sequences.
    • Andrew believes that kicking is quite simply the most important variable in any team's performance, and should be concentrated upon accordingly.
    • He thinks more operators should concentrate on the middle market instead of the top.
    • They build a hospital which deals with outpatients and the pathology lab concentrates on outpatients.
    • So it is not concentrating on any particular service that takes place in space time at any moment.
    • That is what we should be concentrating on because this mechanism is a disaster.
    • By contrast the style approach concentrates upon what leaders do.
    • At the end of the day, there are feminists who concentrate on men's issues, some who do work on both genders, and some who concentrate solely on improving the world for women.
    • The only downside is that I now have nothing to intensively concentrate / focus on to take my mind off Thursday (exam results day).
    • Some will say that they just can't concentrate or focus their attention.
    • However, their ability to concentrate and focus attention and performance in exams needs to be monitored.
    • Jerry concentrated harder, and focused on Mr. Hilleary.
    • Then she concentrated even harder, focusing on her hand.
    • It is hard to focus and concentrate, but it is a skill that can be learned.
    • It has been so hard to concentrate and focus properly but I spoke to her the day she died and told her I would win this for her and I made sure I did.
    • If they have poor attention, they may find it hard to concentrate, follow directions or finish a job.
    • It's as if my mind gets tired from concentrating so hard at being normal.
    • I tried really hard to concentrate, but my mind kept wandering to what Will had said earlier.
    • Mariel had to concentrate hard to get her mind to focus.
    • I try to go into every meet with the same mind set, to focus and concentrate, and put my best effort on every event.
    • They mean someone who hops and jumps from one thing to another, never settling at anything, never concentrating or focusing, and, as a result, never achieving anything.
    • They are having difficulty concentrating, difficulty focusing, difficulty remembering details.
    • The children are more focused, concentrating better and fighting less.
    • Another hour passed and the pain was now so excruciating that I was having trouble focusing or concentrating.
    • Children are interested in the activities and they concentrate well.
    • She is a lot more patient, more focused and can concentrate for longer.
    • I went home and tried to concentrate on some work but couldn't concentrate.
    • It was hard to concentrate because they both wanted my attention.
    • Ann says her son is now able to focus and concentrate in school, making his life a lot easier, and giving her hope for his future.
  • 2

    • 2.1(gather, bring together)

      to concentrate sth in/into sth concentrar algo en algo

      • troops were concentrated in the capital
      • Not, ‘should all the students be allowed to concentrate together?’
      • And, in a strange, twisted way, I'm grateful that my twinges and aches and creakings seem often enough to concentrate all together on a single day.
      • The training exercises could be turned into military action against Taiwan because of the large number of troops already concentrating in Fujian Province.
      • In a two-day battle, Radetzky concentrated 33,000 troops, took Custoza with the bayonet, and crushed the Piedmontese army.
      • Punta Banda is not a large estuary, and during falling tides most of the Western Sandpipers concentrate at one area.
      • Hence, the STF had shifted its focus and concentrated mainly on winning the faith and confidence of tribals.
      • Davout and Bernadotte have been ordered to Dornburg, with the other troops concentrating around Jena.
      • Confederate snipers took advantage of their positions atop Willis Hill to pick off the unlucky Federal troops concentrating at the edge of Fredericksburg.
      • At the bottom the principal colors are violet, green, and ocher; they are strongly concentrated in relatively large masses which together form a kind of oval.
      • Instead, resources are to be concentrated in the population density areas of greater Dublin with smaller investment recommended for Cork and Limerick.
      • The first is that India's Muslim population is concentrated in a few States - 36 per cent reside in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.
      • Shiites constitute 60 percent of Iraq's population and are heavily concentrated in the southern part of the country.
      • The island's population is concentrated in the city and its suburbs.
      • South Australia's population is heavily concentrated in the Adelaide metropolitan area.
      • Dr O'Flanagan said the STI problem was shared across Europe and tended to be concentrated in capital cities.
      • More than a third of the capital's cinemas are concentrated in central London.
      • One of the stages in next Sunday's Mayo Stages Rally will be concentrated in the Rathnamagh / Moygownagh area.
      • However, since the Korean immigrant population is concentrated in a few metropolitan areas in the United States, we do not include geography as a variable.
      • Given that minority ethnic groups comprise around 10% of the population and are concentrated in urban areas, the statistic itself is not that shocking.
      • Ninety percent of Mali's population is concentrated in the southern regions - Kayes, Koulikoro, Sikasso, Ségou, and Mopti.
      • Until recently, Niger's facilities for treating AIDS were concentrated in the capital.
      • Intellectuals were very few in Russia at this time, and were concentrated in the two capitals.
      • Population and employment are more concentrated in Dublin and therefore childcare is a salient issue for more people.
      • The benefits of colonoscopy are concentrated in a small segment of the population and are invisible in the aggregate statistics on longevity.
      • The suburban office market in Dublin will continue to lag this year, with letting activity concentrated primarily in city centre locations.
      • ‘Beads focus and concentrate esthetic attention,’ we learned from Nest's Joseph Holtzman.
      • But for the moment, Prebys knows she has to proceed worker-by-worker, so she concentrates all her attention on Guillen.
      • Rather, focus on Robben Island concentrates attention onto the larger tragedies of race and politics in the continent of Africa.

    • 2.2(increase strength of)

      • If the anhydrous form is being prepared, the solution is then concentrated to remove the water and crystallized.
      • The C4 plants concentrate carbon dioxide levels prior to the Calvin cycle through the Hatch-Slack pathway.
      • Distillation is a useful method for concentrating liquids from a solution.
      • Conodonts from sand were concentrated using a saturated solution of sodium polytungstate.
      • It can digest the mineral pyrite to extract sulphur, and in the process it concentrates gold within the mineral into tiny grains.
      • Darkening of the urine is most noticeable in the morning, either because the urine is more concentrated or there is increased hemolysis at night.
      • It was first used in the gaskets and valves needed to concentrate Uranium 235 and resist the highly corrosive uranium hexaflouride gas.
      • This process, called supergene enrichment, can concentrate silver into exceedingly rich deposits at depth.
      • Japanese investigators have discovered that plastics can concentrate hydrophobic chemicals a millionfold.
      • Ultrafiltration devices used for concentrating protein were obtained from Fisher as were Slide-A-Lyzer dialysis cassettes.
      • To improve the recovery rate, the mother liquor is concentrated and recycled, and is once again put into contact with an anion-exchange resin and a fresh solution containing crude a-APE.
      • Due to the low amount of protein in grape flesh it was necessary to concentrate protein in extracts by acetone precipitation.
      • Even where the reservoir is a fractured source rock, some internal flow of oil is involved in concentrating the oil to form an accumulation.
      • To make crack cocaine, ordinary cocaine is concentrated by heating the drug in a baking soda paste until the water evaporates.
      • Treatment with water pills in post-menopausal women will concentrate uric acid and result in gout.
      • While trying to conserve water the kidney concentrates these drugs thus compounding their toxicity.
      • Through time, as the quartz is eroded away, the gold is concentrated as nuggets and dust in streams and erosional plains.
      • Paint blisters caused by outside water are usually concentrated around joints and the end grain of wood.
      • Magmas concentrate metals, and magma fluids traveling into the surrounding wall rock plant the seeds for mineral growth.
      • These species depend upon a network of blood vessels to concentrate oxygen in their swim bladder.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (focus attention)
    (person) concentrarse
    (talks) centrarse
    to concentrate on sth/-ing
    I can't concentrate in here aquí no me puedo concentrar
  • 2

    (people/group/crowd) concentrarse


  • 1

    concentrado masculine