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intenso y continuado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈkɑnsənˌtreɪdəd/ /ˈkɒnsntreɪtɪd/

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    (effort) intenso y continuado
    • Predictably Ireland were much more driven in the second half, their teamwork more concentrated and intense and the Swiss were forced deeper and deeper into defence.
    • What was most memorable about Harlem was the waitress, who flirted with concentrated, wilful intensity, a sort of Mata Hari with a tray.
    • He chose poetry a little away from the elegant tradition of Petrarch, often with many more emotional words, and this allowed him to develop a more concentrated and intense musical style.
    • The crucifixion is the point of concentrated intensity which above all realizes what is most distinctive about Christian theology of salvation, and it will be taken up in the next section.
    • It might seem that the work would be expressionless, yet its concentrated intensity can communicate to the viewer almost physically.
    • They lazily, but with intense, concentrated cunning, manipulate the lives of those around them for their own ends.
    • It is certain that the latest explosions, which the capital witnessed at the beginning of November, came after a concentrated security campaign the likes of which the country has never seen.
    • Nothing dished out by the corporate-controlled media can be accepted at face value, especially under conditions of a concentrated campaign to stampede the public into a war frenzy.
    • Prior to last Saturday's meeting, SEP members carried out a concentrated campaign in and around Colombo.
    • It's not as if it was a concentrated campaign, but just over time.
    • After the October 1 deadline for signing up to the code, a concentrated campaign begins to inform consumers about the code and advise them to avoid businesses that have refused to accept it.
    • Skirmishes with pirates as well as a concentrated campaign to eliminate one particular group early in his career had provided him with opportunities to excel.
    • He began a concentrated campaign with the college, organising a visits programme including accommodation at the school when the crew of HMS Nottingham visited.
    • The debates on this day are the culmination of nine years of strenuous and concentrated campaigning.
    • But they ignore the fact that the Loyalists have carried out a concentrated campaign of pipe bombing and petrol bombing, and have even shot at children over the last year.
    • Various initiatives have produced results, particularly the concentrated campaigns in specific areas.
    • These numbers are expected to climb as a concentrated marketing campaign continues strong.
    • We can begin a concentrated effort to persuade United Way campaigns to exclude local Boy Scout troops as funding recipients.
    • The most detailed of dossiers can only circle around an activity as concentrated and implacable as it was obscure in its ends.
    • Chief Inspector Andy Hirst said: ‘This is part of a concentrated effort that is not going to go away.’
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    (solution/juice) concentrado
    highly concentrated muy concentrado
    • in concentrated form concentrado
    • Subsequent adsorption from a less concentrated solution of DOPC and DDM increases the fraction of DOPC in the layer.
    • Further investigation of mechanisms of atypical liver necrosis after concentrated acetic acid ingestion is needed.
    • Dry crystals and concentrated solutions are caustic.
    • He then put concentrated nitric acid into the tube and the tar didn't dissolve.
    • Essential oils are concentrated liquids and are very powerful substances.
    • The use of these concentrated sprays can reduce application costs and avoid excessive leaf run-off as well as spray drift out of the orchard.
    • It is assumed to be obtained in dilute solutions, and may not strictly apply to concentrated solutions.
    • The electrolyte is concentrated KOH solution.
    • Cleaning with highly concentrated hydrochloric acid with apparently little care or recognition of potential damage to some associated species is common.
    • Epinephrine and phenylephrine always should be used with extreme caution, especially in their most concentrated solutions.
    • A more concentrated solution may be used only if quinupristin/dalfopristin is administered through a central line.
    • In this regime, the properties of the DNA concentrated solutions do not depend on the length of the DNA.
    • As well as whole blood, fluid replacement may involve administration of salt fluids, plasma, or artificial substitutes, and concentrated red blood cells.
    • In the distal tubule and collecting duct of the kidney, vasopressin stimulates water resorption so that concentrated urine is produced.
    • The authors conclude that short-term exposure to concentrated ambient air particles induces a significant inflammatory reaction in the lungs of rats.
    • Water should not be added to concentrated acids because they will boil and splatter - always add the acid to the water.
    • At this time, the Arab alchemist Jabir ibn Hayyan Geber produced concentrated acetic acid by distilling vinegar.
    • The fixtures are movable, in order to direct the concentrated beam of light to your spot of choice in the room.
    • These two methods require stringent control of the inoculum size and hence are not optimal for direct sensitivity testing from concentrated clinical specimens.
    • Sauteing releases and evaporates most of the liquid from mushrooms for an intense, highly concentrated flavor.