Translation of concentration camp in Spanish:

concentration camp

campo de concentración, n.


  • 1

    campo de concentración masculine
    • The town of Auschwitz was outside the concentration camp area.
    • In the Second World War he was imprisoned in the concentration camp at Buchenwald.
    • Last week, Michael Howard described the murder of his grandmother in the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz.
    • He missed most of the fighting through Germany but his unit was sent to the concentration camp at Dachau.
    • He was subsequently arrested by the Nazis and imprisoned in a concentration camp, where he died.
    • Elsewhere in Europe, a mass to remember the Holocaust victims was held at the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland.
    • The following year he was charged with receiving survivors of the Belsen concentration camp upon their arrival in the UK.
    • He was arrested by the German occupying forces in Amsterdam in 1942 and taken to the concentration camp in Auschwitz.
    • My dad was imprisoned in a concentration camp for having opposing opinions to other people who were around in our street.
    • He was arrested and ended up in the Dachau concentration camp (which he survived).
    • A standard concentration camp such as Dachau was divided into five departments.
    • This week the concentration camp survivor returned to Auschwitz to encourage the world never to forget the horrors of those dark days.
    • I went by a local park the other day and it looked like a concentration camp crossed with a mass murder scene.
    • Liddell died of a brain tumour while a prisoner in a Japanese concentration camp in Weifang in 1945.
    • Novales said there were about 1,200 prisoners inside the Davao concentration camp.
    • The fate of the concentration camp commandants and the prison guards has never been made public.
    • Buildings were destroyed and concentration camp inmates sent on forced marches away from the death camps.
    • The plant reportedly used the concentration camp's inmates as slave labor.
    • She turns to casual sexual encounters and tattoos her arm in the manner of a concentration camp prisoner.
    • They looked like they had come out of a Nazi concentration camp.