Translation of concept in Spanish:


concepto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑnˌsɛpt/ /ˈkɒnsɛpt/

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    concepto masculine
    the two designs are similar in concept los dos diseños se basan en conceptos similares
    • The effect of this is to deny pupils the ability to deal with difficult abstract concepts.
    • If this nation has any regard for the abstract concept of ‘justice’ then this practice must end.
    • In that profession you start with a blank sheet of paper and a concept or abstract idea.
    • What is more, these decisions must often be based on concepts that are abstract and objectively difficult to understand.
    • The most difficult task for the mothers was to explain the concept of abstract nouns and mimetic words in Korean.
    • A common problem is when researchers use abstract concepts but participants interpret these literally.
    • They should convince you that the idea of trying to teach complex, abstract concepts to young children is silly.
    • One of the reasons is undoubtedly that stories bring ideas to life and help readers see abstract concepts in action.
    • Race, like gender, is an inherent quality, but religion's only an abstract concept, just a set of ideas.
    • This gives them a chance to understand abstract concepts slowly and goes a long way in strengthening their learning abilities.
    • A must see for all those who like abstract concepts set within the confines of a computer monitor, this is a film that shake up their system.
    • His work makes abstract concepts of technology come alive for me.
    • Freud's abstract, impersonal concepts have worn away the specificity of fictional character.
    • It's not an easy thing to grasp because at the centre lies, as Crick points out, a series of abstract legal and political concepts.
    • James can have fun with even the most basic abstract concepts.
    • My life is ruled by a concept so abstract it is sometimes mind-boggling.
    • As I said, it's a hard thought, a difficult concept to explain without sounding loopy.
    • Monkeys, for example, can have comprehend some surprisingly abstract concepts.
    • By making one characteristic after another disappear, we get more and more abstract concepts…
    • Did the student's work reveal a thorough understanding of abstract concepts?