Translation of concept album in Spanish:

concept album

álbum monográfico, n.


  • 1

    álbum monográfico masculine
    álbum conceptual masculine
    • The only thing less palatable than a concept album is an annotated concept album that explicitly states each song's plot and theme.
    • Well, forgive me for saying so, but you can skip the introductory tracks because the whole idea of a concept album alone is enough to kill anyone's high.
    • The idea of a hip-hop concept album is a rather silly affair to propose.
    • It goes without saying that this is a concept album, the theme being memories of past lives, and a murder mystery.
    • Now, you may be wary of anything that sounds like it might be a concept album, rock opera or multimedia experience; and you would be right to be wary.
    • Young's new album is a loose concept album that has been describe as an ‘audio novel.’
    • At the age of thirteen, I decided to record my own concept album.
    • It's a sleazy concept album about life as a rock & roll player.
    • Touted as a concept album, or even as a punk rock opera, the album gets somewhat close to that mark.
    • It was a rock opera, and because it was a concept album it seemed to attract a lot of music people.
    • There is this theory that every record is a concept album.
    • This film is like a three-minute novelty record that has been turned into a triple-disc concept album.
    • Great concept album, this one deserved double album status.
    • The song's evocative imagery and fetching arrangement deserve a better concept album than the jumbled pastiche of Control.
    • Of course it's not a concept album per se, but it certainly carries a central theme; alienation, recourse to old ways and a general state of detachment.
    • It's a really writerly idea, sort of the filmic equivalent of a concept album.
    • It is not a concept album, nor is it experimental.
    • But still, he's prepared to admit this is more or less a concept album.
    • It's hard not to be curious when confronted with a concept album about witches.
    • So maybe it is an entire concept album about involuntary muscle twitches.