Translation of concern in Spanish:


asunto, n.

Pronunciation /kənˈsərn/ /kənˈsəːn/

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  • 1

    (business, affair)
    asunto masculine
    that's no concern of yours eso no es asunto tuyo / no es de tu incumbencia
    • what concern is it of ours? ¿y a nosotros qué nos importa?
    • what they do in their free time is their concern lo que hagan en su tiempo libre es asunto suyo
    • make it your concern to send all the faxes immediately encárguese personalmente de que todos los faxes se manden inmediatamente
    • The land and its people that produce and process the products, form the organisation's business concerns.
    • The house became a business concern in 1995 after the death of the sixth Marquess.
    • Even the established business concerns in Vincent and adjacent to Western Avenue could make an effort to those concerned to clean up the area.
    • This domination of local producers by global business concerns is aided by the fact that transport costs have been dramatically reduced.
    • As a result, the city's firms and larger business concerns will reap sums reaching into the tens of millions.
    • The state of the shop fronts, both local businesses and national concerns, in the High Street and the other main streets, leaves much to be desired.
    • One would think that if private persons and business concerns cannot own these things, the state will do so.
    • There has been a massive turnover in the ownership of Manorhamilton business concerns in the past three decades.
    • Corporate entertaining for the August festival is almost sold out to many leading local business concerns.
    • I don't think there is anything more attractive about the sandwich business than other food concerns.
    • Business concerns tend to replace regular workers with temporary ones to save labor costs.
    • It had denied outright that it illegally received any money from business concerns.
    • Today, the business remains a family concern, with three generations taking the lead alongside a four-strong workforce.
    • Numerous German business concerns and banks are already participating or negotiating investments.
    • If there are alternate energy sources out there you can bet these business concerns will do everything they can to keep the oil flowing and king.
    • How big does a business or a concern have to be though to get that bottom line impact?
    • There were no offers to buy the ice factory and on the 5th of July 1886 an auction was held for the concern, only three people turned up and there was no purchase bids.
    • The owner now wishes to sell the concern due to other business interests.
    • It is obvious that our children's needs and concerns extend over the whole spectrum of issues which are of concern to adults in our communities.
    • We will welcome your input on matters of concern to your community.
    • Compare the duration of this discussion with the time allocated to matters of concern to the general public.
    • It comes to him as a surprise that these signs should be a matter of concern to any one of the crafts of men.
    • But the law is in the first place a social matter, and its concern is other than the interest of the parties to a trial.
    • Tea terminology is a matter of concern to tea drinkers and also to cooks who are using tea as a flavouring.
    • Whether members are happy with a reply or unhappy with it is not a matter of concern to me.
    • Naturally, the time taken by an operating authority to prepare flood defence schemes is a matter of concern to those in affected areas.
    • If there is anything in these allegations, should that be a matter of concern to Christian people?
    • One of the most important areas of concern to a sheep farmer is lamb survivability.
    • The time taken to prepare such schemes was naturally a matter of concern to people affected.
    • These voters have lost trust that our majors consider the overall public interest as their bottom-line concern.
    • Was it possible to report those facts, which at least arguably are matters of legitimate public concern or interest?
    • The matter is the concern of the Forestry Department, which has to start taking responsible action.
    • His primary concern and his main interest was to see the Bachelor's Walk development proceed.
    • Not that it matters if our concern with knowledge is scientific or artistic.
    • The legal implications of all these matters have been the concern of administrative law.
    • The main concerns involved case work and the high number of instances where the prosecutors decided to drop proceedings.
    • There was no twentieth century concern for separating religion and the public school system.
    • Cutler's chief concern related to the separation of powers principle.
  • 2

    • 2.1(anxiety)

      preocupación feminine
      inquietud feminine
      there's cause for concern hay motivos de preocupación / para preocuparse
      • her health has been a constant source / object of concern to her parents su salud ha sido un constante motivo de preocupación para sus padres
      • there is concern that … preocupa que …
      • Controversial plans to merge two primary schools were met with opposition as worried parents raised concerns over their children's safety.
      • This week Professor Hay will attend an inquest in Leeds into his wife's death at which he hopes to raise concerns about the safety of the drug.
      • Traffic troubles in front of the new Richmond High have raised safety concerns as well as irritated drivers.
      • Environmental and safety concerns have spurred opposition in some coastal communities.
      • The local concern group says it is not satisfied the environmental concerns were raised in reports.
      • Under the present rules mobile phone masts have been located in areas that have caused local, environmental and safety concerns.
      • Honda maintains a focus on the safety and environmental concerns now drawing attention worldwide.
      • Gravesend manager Andy Ford has no fresh injury concerns or suspensions to worry about.
      • If there is a prima facie case that raises serious concerns about patient safety, the student should be suspended until the matter is resolved.
      • The offence was certainly a serious one, and one that raises considerable concerns for the safety of the community.
      • While the traffic police defend the move as a necessity, traffic engineers raise safety concerns stating that it may damage the structure.
      • Herndon residents say the public loitering is driving down property values and raises safety concerns.
      • At a meeting of the council's planning committee last week, Kelsey and Eden Park councillor Peter Dean raised safety concerns.
      • It has no impact upon the serious traffic and road safety concerns raised by Transport for London, or any of the other planning considerations.
      • This policy was changed earlier this year, when a fire across the road from the school raised significant safety concerns.
      • He claimed there was less than half a mile between the end of the runway and houses at the Horsforth end and that an extension could raise safety concerns.
      • When environmental concerns were initially raised, early on, Government turned a deaf ear.
      • This incident raises fresh concerns over safety, and public access to the water's edge.
      • This is the main concern worrying the economic strategists of the Russian ruling elite.
      • Children are of course the major concern for those worried about the effects of violence in the media.

    • 2.2(interest)

      interés masculine
      concern for sb/sth interés por algn/algo

      • she shows genuine concern for their welfare
      • to be of concern to sb
      • it's of no great concern to me what he does

  • 3

    empresa feminine
    negocio masculine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (affect, involve)
    to be concerned in sth estar involucrado en algo
    to be concerned with sth ocuparse de algo
    it concerns all of us nos concierne / incumbe a todos
    • the people/department concerned la gente/el departamento en cuestión
    • those concerned know who they are los interesados ya saben quiénes son
    • It is so important for all concerned that we know what people do and do not want.
    • She said the PCT is committed to involving staff and patients in the review and that all concerned parties would be kept informed.
    • While no definitive solution to the impasse was reached there will be a further meeting of all concerned next week
    • Well put it this way, this is such uncharted territory for all concerned that none of the parties themselves really know.
    • To the amazement of all concerned Simon's leukaemia had grown through some of the heaviest drug treatment available.
    • In the end it's only a teaser. so I'm probably being really unfair to all concerned by nit-picking it to death.
    • In conclusion I believe that to make this trade safer for all concerned the profession should be legalized.
    • Unfortunately for all concerned the security of Woolston House was no longer our responsibility.
    • This is a wonderful achievement for the club and we would like to wish all concerned the very best of luck.
    • The Minister wishes all concerned every success in the future as they set about this task.
    • We wish all concerned the very best and let's hope there will be plenty of support from the area.
    • As well as being a most enjoyable day out for all concerned it also proved to be a very good fundraiser.
    • His involvement made the event memorable for all concerned.
    • Police and all concerned parties are working together to bring the culprit or culprits to justice.
    • All concerned countries will be sucked in, regardless of their subjective wishes.
    • All concerned proceeded with general indifference to the constitutional issues involved.
    • Except where it is dishonoured, its clearance involves a minimum of paperwork for all concerned.
    • Either the rules of the game apply to all concerned, or do not apply at all.
    • Hey, that is an important issue but it concerns the municipality.
    • They would not have been concerned with all of the things that Astra said concerned them.
  • 2

    • 2.1(interest)

      to be concerned with sth
      • I'm more concerned with quality than quantity
      money is the only thing that concerns him el dinero es lo único que le interesa
      • Some, such as chambers of commerce, concern themselves with narrowly defined interests.
      • There is every likelihood of there being something of interest to those who concern themselves with such things, and tourism might be enhanced.
      • CB has been personally involved with some of the campaigns his newspaper has concerned itself with.
      • No change to interest rates means no major drama to concern ourselves with.
      • The first concerns itself with how a person deals with others.
      • Correctly understood, psychological warfare does not treat home morale or concern itself with public relations involving friendly countries.
      • The title story, set on the coast a few hours’ drive from Lisbon, concerns itself with two families, one rich and one decidedly not.
      • The manager who attended the monthly meeting of the Town Council also told the councillors they were not to be concerning themselves with how the Inner Relief Street would be funded.
      • What we should mainly be concerning ourselves with, though, is the damage we are doing to marriage right now.
      • If so, it's likely to be an important message, and we ought to be concerning ourselves with how to decode it.
      • There is no point in my concerning myself with what he is or is not doing.
      • But to be honest, there's no point in me concerning myself with that.
      • In the meantime, I'll be concerning myself with more urgent things like surviving deadlines!
      • The hearing is concerning itself with two ‘test’ cases.
      • And which, he might have added, is pretty much what the paper spent the '90s concerning itself with.
      • Trying to patch together a tour teetering on the brink of disaster is what he should be concerning himself with.
      • This was easily done, since very few outside the asylum concerned themselves with what went on inside.
      • It's better not to over concern yourself with what could happen in the future because it can make you paranoid, thinking, ‘Oh my God, I'm not getting job offers today.’
      • What else is there to concern yourself with when it's your life they're playing pawn with?
      • Assuming those difficulties are overcome, married people must also concern themselves with how they are perceived by others.

    • 2.2(worry, bother)

      what concerns her is … lo que le / la preocupa / inquieta es …
      • This bodybuilder admits that the cost concerns him, but he appears less worried about the health risks.
      • Still, the fact that enough other papers all but glossed over his troubles concerns me.
      • A chance remark by trainer Peter Niven a few weeks ago worried me then, and concerns me even more in retrospect.
      • If he was concerned there might be trouble, he would purposely avoid drawing attention to me..
      • I am deeply concerned about the disturbance caused within the parish where I have been working.
      • You understand the patient is concerned and upset by what they are seeing or hearing.
      • While both Ellen and Paul were concerned, neither one seemed to be worried by it.
      • I am concerned that the staff seem to be very worried about the direction that the organisation is taking.
      • You are so concerned about it that the worry is causing the problem in and of itself.
      • Obviously, that is extremely worrying in a number of ways, and it should concern us all.
      • My teammate was faster than I was at the start, but this did not concern me, and it didn't worry the team either.
      • This concerns us because people are drinking too much alcohol before they even come out.
      • The bigger, more complex picture on delays concerns people who have to wait to get their first appointment, before they even get on a waiting list.
      • There's something sad I can't write about because it concerns a person who might read it.
      • What concerns me, personally, is when the US presence in Iraq will actually wind up.
      • What concerns the people most is the economy, which is reeling from the years-long slump.
      • The only way this can be achieved is by addressing the issues that are concerning the people on the street.

  • 3

    (relate to)
    my doubts concern her experience tengo dudas en cuanto a / (con) respecto a su experiencia
    • my fears concerning her health were unfounded mis temores en cuanto a / respecto a su salud eran infundados
    • item one concerns the new office el primer punto trata de la nueva oficina
    • Of course, the Today Tonight story was only concerned with the latter issue.
    • Julian Barnes's new book of short stories is concerned with old age and death.
    • Shelton is less concerned with telling a story than with finding answers.
    • In this book we have emphasized that the evangelists are concerned with both the story and the significance of Jesus of Nazareth.
    • The story is concerned with four students on a preppy campus in California.
    • More often than not, the 999 Lifesavers stories are concerned with parents and children.
    • The Jackie Milburn story is more concerned with the man than his time, but there are many similar notes struck.
    • Bivariate analysis is concerned with the analysis of two variables at a time in order to uncover whether the two variables are related.
    • Voters in bars and cafes are more concerned with discussing the World Cup and the French Open tennis championships.
    • In fact, there is a branch of philosophy that is concerned with the study of the nature of knowledge.
    • The present study was concerned with the effect of SRN on reading acquisition.
    • The 1950 study was concerned with identifying the main causes of the rise in lung cancer and showed the predominant role of tobacco.
    • The present study is concerned with the control of expression through mRNA degradation.
    • The study of plasticity is concerned with the relationship between metal flow and applied stress.
    • Burma was a British colony and the story is concerned with the British and the Burmese people.
    • Analysis is concerned with determining the structure and identity of a compound.
    • It was to be concerned with analyses of all kinds of materials sent in by the Survey's field officers, and it amassed a wealth of sample data.
    • The final factor is concerned with differences in study design.
    • The discussion here is concerned with the legal principles, not the role of law as a tool in a wider campaign.
    • Note, however, that the primary interest of this study is concerned with talent flow.

reflexive verb

  • 1

    to concern oneself about sb/sth preocuparse por algn/algo
    to concern oneself with sth