Translation of concert grand in Spanish:

concert grand

piano de cola, n.


  • 1

    piano de cola masculine
    piano de concierto masculine
    • The pianist's clipped articulation does suggest a fortepiano more than a modern concert grand, but interpretively, Kovacevich presents Beethoven as a nose-thumber out to turn things on their ears.
    • A concert pianist who is sitting down at the concert grand piano in Carnegie Hall in front of a packed house is the equivalent to an author publishing a finished book.
    • These days playing Bach on the modern concert grand is perfectly acceptable; maybe it's time we added a few earlier composers to the list?
    • The piano, a Yamaha concert grand, was purchased jointly five years ago by Musica Viva Lismore and Lismore City Council.
    • Hamlisch's concert shows are extraordinarily simple: Just him and his concert grand on the stage with limited use of special lighting - and no gimmicks.
    • A piece from the adored Manenberg song came up, but like all the songs that he had been stroking on the concert grand, it faded quickly underneath another brilliant tune.
    • This year the arrival of the new concert grand piano makes the programme even more appealing.
    • Today's modern concert grand is a wonderful instrument for the tonal music of 1800's Vienna.
    • At a particularly dramatic moment, I accidentally smashed one of the concert grand's lowest strings into smithereens, and the instrument lifted six inches into the air and bounced alarmingly on the stage.
    • I remember a dim, pea-green room with, at one end, a concert grand on a low wooden dais: an obsidian shrine, illuminated by track lights hung from the ceiling.
    • They are full sized concert grand pianos destined to be played by the world's greatest and in some of its most famous halls.
    • The Bechstein concert grand was the centerpiece of this year's performance.
    • The second half of the concert was performed upon a modern Yamaha concert grand.
    • It is a re-creation of a historic Steinway concert grand piano that was first exhibited at the New York World's Fair in 1939.
    • On the stage, she saw three beautiful concert grand pianos.
    • Charlie was quick to recognize Adam's signature nine-foot Steinway concert grand piano on center stage.
    • In the back parlor there are just one small sofa, two chairs, a scattering of occasional tables and an old Chickering concert grand from a ballroom downtown.
    • It will be the second time Dr Hamilton has played at the college to raise funds towards its new 7ft 4in concert grand, which arrived on Saturday.
    • Classically trained Amos plays her personal 9-foot Bosendorfer concert grand with its lid open on the tall stick.
    • This is a New York Steinway concert grand, just like the one they have at Winspear, but each piano has its own personality.