Translation of concerted in Spanish:


coordinado, adj.

Pronunciation /kənˈsərdəd/ /kənˈsəːtɪd/

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    we'll have to make a concerteded effort to … tendremos que coordinar / concertar nuestros esfuerzos para …
    • Then they hear from their customers - not just scattered objections now and then, but in concerted, coordinated, well-informed waves.
    • So the Congress of Vienna must be one of history's best examples of a concerted and successful attempt to defend and preserve a major and long-lasting status quo.
    • There was no concerted attempt to review its record in government, discuss its mistakes, adjust its philosophical framework and party structure, and rethink its policy agenda.
    • The claim is made that there were several flaws in this case, and for years there has been a concerted attempt to declare that the case made against Hanratty was ‘unsafe.’
    • He added: ‘There is evidence which could be taken to show a concerted attempt by the chain of command to influence and prevent an investigation.’
    • In the late-seventies, there was a concerted legal attempt at what is called ‘craft severance.’
    • The executive summary of Shell's internal investigation revealed the full extent of the concerted attempts by senior management to hide the reality of the company's reserves.
    • It was developed over a two-year period and is the first concerted attempt in Hong Kong to provide common benchmarks and standards for public sector organisations.
    • It is a concerted attempt to change the historical trajectory that we've been on of discrimination and affirmative action on behalf of white people in the past.
    • A concerted communist attempt to oust Ross from the railways union was thwarted as a result of lobbying and branch stacking orchestrated by Ferguson.
    • Yet there was no concerted government attempt to find these guys.
    • Worried police chiefs are drafting in extra bobbies and moving traffic officers to regular beats in a concerted attempt to tackle a surge in crime in York and Selby.
    • Since then, there has been a concerted government attempt to split the ranks that has succeeded in some places, and failed in others.
    • He told MPs there had been a concerted attempt by a small number of civil servants in the Department's press office to undermine the Department.
    • The Town Hall seems fair game for criticism, but in fact there has been a concerted attempt, especially in the past few years, to get things moving.
    • There was a concerted attempt by detectives to get answers that would lead inexorably to their preferred conclusion.
    • Apart from tut-tuts, I don't recall any concerted attempt to get Jack.
    • For as long as I can remember there have been numerous concerted attempts to bring Athletics more into the mainstream of public attentions.
    • It wasn't until the mid-1960s that a concerted attempt to study the wreck was started by a team led by Alexander McKee.
    • Cynics comment that it may well have been a more concerted attempt by the president to target black voters for the 1964 election.