Translation of concertgoer in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈkɑnsərtˌɡoʊər/ /ˈkɒnsətˌɡəʊə/


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    she's a regular concertgoer va muy a menudo a conciertos
    • as regular concertgoers will know como ya sabrá el público aficionado (a los conciertos)
    • The concert-goers ' enthusiastic reception of their entertaining host left no doubt that Hampson captivates his public, whether he is singing or not.
    • That's enough, surely, for the keenest concert-goer.
    • ‘I am sorry, I cannot do more,’ Pavarotti told concert-goers shortly before 9.30 pm.
    • Despite the feeling of loss for a fellow music lover, concert-goers continued to party for the rest of the weekend.
    • Haitink and the Dresden Staatskappelle (one of the oldest orchestras in Germany) will treat concert-goers to a programme of Mozart, Weber and Bruckner.
    • Some concert-goers began throwing pop diva paraphernalia and chanting ‘fraud, fraud,’ the newspaper reported.
    • The duo will entertain concert-goers June through August.
    • I hear he's got some radical plan that lets concert-goers recommend things the orchestra should be playing?
    • Promotions will continue through the festival, at which 30,000 concert-goers will be given festival kits that include novelty themed tattoos.
    • But this was too late for some as taxi operators insisted on leaving at 4pm as scheduled, taking taxi-loads of concert-goers with them.
    • Minutes after the fire broke out, shirtless concert-goers charged out of the building, many carrying people on their shoulders or grouped to help ferry to safety.
    • Her bouncy, energetic stage presence would've likely satisfied most concert-goers who were not of the bitchy persuasion, but for me, it was just too much.
    • As such, the set was both heavy on the new material and encore-less, a sort of brilliant means of creating a Pavlovian effect on the assembled concert-goers.
    • This time angry concert-goers swore at the organisers and pelted them with stones and bottles.
    • All the left-over space around these two pieces is circulation for milling concert-goers.
    • We've had to cancel several shows due to Andrew spotting random concert-goers wandering backstage.
    • If any band appealed to the broad demographic of concert-goers in this audience, it was the Scarborough lads.
    • One of the most frustrating things a concert-goer can experience is witnessing an amazing show, only to buy the band's album and hear a flat, deflated version of what you'd seen and loved on stage.
    • The crowd grew quiet as Symphony in Peril ended their set with an instrumental as Jonas lay prostrate on the ground with several of the concert-goers, in reverence to God.
    • Instead, many concert-goers opted to dip in and out of the various performances, catching 20 minutes of an act before moving on to another gig a short distance away.