Traducción de concertize en español:


dar un concierto, v.

Pronunciación /ˈkɑnsərˌtaɪz/ /ˈkɒnsətʌɪz/

verbo intransitivo

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    dar un concierto
    • She returned to concertizing in 1966, but her performances from that time on were intermittent, although she acquired a reputation as a formidable chamber musician, and also as a teacher, most recently at the San Francisco Conservatory.
    • Pianist and composer William Bolcom and Joan Morris, mezzosoprano, have been concertizing together as husband and wife since 1972.
    • Clara Wieck Schumann continued concertizing throughout her life, arranging her teaching schedule at the Conservatory in Frankfurt around it.
    • It was 1920 before she could return to concertizing, and by then, athletic displays were no longer of interest to her, and no longer possible.
    • By age 19, she had begun concertizing in Prague, performing the standard repertoire, as well as Schoenberg and Busoni.
    • When he returned to concertizing in 1950, at first it was only to honor Bach, who had died two hundred years before.
    • Jim Chapin is his father, a well-known drummer, who from time to time concertizes with James's brothers, Tom and Steve, performing songs written by the best known Chapin of all, the late Harry Chapin.
    • In 1827, they concertized to considerable acclaim in England.
    • The two men often performed and concertized together.
    • The quartet has concertized worldwide and continues an active research, performing and recording career.
    • She has concertized extensively in the United States and in Europe.
    • You could concertize while reclining upon the bed.
    • Dr. Bradley has concertized throughout Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, United States, and Asia.
    • The musical activities of Olga Samaroff (1880-1948, nee Lucy Jane Olga Agnes Hickenlooper) encompassed concertizing, teaching piano and music appreciation, writing music criticism, recording music and lecturing.
    • Rachmaninoff was a composer, pianist and conductor, and his constant traveling and concertizing may be the reason his body of works only reached Op. 45.
    • At 80, Marceau is still able to molt from joyful to tragic to droll in the blink of an eye, and he insists that it is only his relentless life of solo concertizing that is over.
    • Students need to understand that in the real world, concertizing is not about playing for your relatives and classmates in a degree recital.
    • His creative approach to the piano defied conventions and his retirement from concertizing was equally unconventional.
    • This isn't the polite concertizing that most modern students learn in their conservatoires.
    • They headed west the following summer, Angela continuing her concertizing and travel.