Traducción de concessionary en español:


a precio reducido, adj.

Pronunciación /kənˈsɛʃənɛri/ /kənˈsɛʃənəri/


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    (fare/ticket) a precio reducido
    (fare/ticket) con descuento
    • The fee is £37 with concessionary rates available.
    • However, there is good news for people who get concessionary rates at the three swimming pools, such as OAPs, as some concession prices actually go down.
    • Metro, however, says the move is a positive step for older and disabled passengers - as they can now enjoy concessionary rates virtually all day.
    • Now the concessionary rate is available at all times other than between 6.30 am and 9.30 am during week day peak travel.
    • About 65 per cent of HDB loans are at concessionary interest rates, charging 2.6 per cent.
    • Industries which qualify under these schemes enjoy zero or concessionary income tax rates.
    • That goes some way to strengthening my argument that it is a concessionary tax rate.
    • City of York Council is negotiating the introduction of a 50p day ticket for concessionary bus fare pass holders with all the companies providing bus services in the city.
    • Barrow put the findings on the elderly down to the failure of the Scottish Executive to implement free central heating, concessionary bus travel and elderly care as quickly as older people had expected.
    • Men and women over the age of 60 are entitled to off-peak concessionary travel on buses and trains throughout West Yorkshire through Metro's Senior Permit scheme.
    • Spelthorne Borough Council is having to dig deep into its coffers to help finance a county-wide concessionary bus scheme, after Surrey County Council withdrew its support.
    • Other winners were the city's pensioners, who saw controversial plans to increase concessionary bus fares from 30p to 40p shelved.
    • The rise was to fund concessionary bus fares, compulsory waste recycling, increased National Insurance, extra planning staff and pay rises, he explained.
    • The council plans to cut £238,000 in support for bus services and concessionary fares as part of its £10m savings to keep council tax down.
    • Elderly people are also facing increased charges for meals on wheels - as well as a planned 30 per cent price hike in the cost of concessionary bus fares.
    • The 50p concessionary bus fare will come into from Sunday, February 27.
    • The last stop on the pensioner's 30p concessionary bus route, it's half an hour from the capital city by regular train.
    • I enjoy voluntary work with hundreds of other retired people who would be unable to do so without the concessionary bus fare.
    • Now one of the proposals to help reduce the threat of huge council tax increases is to axe spending on concessionary bus fares.
    • If the WYPTA wishes to generate its income then it should raise other bus fares not its concessionary ones.