Translation of conch in Spanish:


caracola, n.

Pronunciation /kɑŋk/ /kɑntʃ/ /kɒŋk/ /kɒn(t)ʃ/

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(conch shell)
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    caracola feminine
    • Raup analyzed different types of mollusk conchs in terms of their geometrical properties.
    • Earlier this month, additional protection was given under this convention to the queen conch mollusk, a popular food item famous for its enormous pink shell.
    • Seilacher has shown such a function for orthocone cephalopod conchs in the same formation.
    • These are strong arguments for an adaptive origin of coiling in the cephalopod conch.
    • At American Fine Arts, the Rapid logo, a five-color spiral based on a conch shell, graced a Plexiglas and vinyl sculpture of a gas pump emitting a fluorescent glow.
    • Wrapping around them like spirals on a conch shell, everyone who had Power left formed themselves into a chain, one hand being placed on another's shoulder.
    • Then she anchored herself to the bed, one foot locked over the edge, the other thrust between their two mattresses and wrapped the sheet around them like the spirals of a conch shell.
    • I wonder if they can do anything to control the poachers though, as the conch is a marine dweller.
    • In addition, the apertural region of the conch is depicted as flaring outward, but any such flaring on the specimen itself is subtle at best.
    • If available, the dimension of the adult conch, the ornamentation of shell, and the position of the siphuncle of coiled nautiloids were compiled from the literature.
    • The surface of the conch seems to possess a layer of intensively weathered shell, and no feature that could be reasonably interpreted as growth lines is present.
    • ‘And the best bait for conch was horseshoe crab,’ Niles, the New Jersey biologist, said.
    • The operculum illustrated by Reed does not match in outline the conch, and is here considered to be a different taxon.
    • Compared with the hugely elongate shell, the living chamber and the animal were relatively tiny, but the conch had perfect hydrostatic balance, and was essentially weightless as far as floatation went.
    • The conch shell in Botticelli's picture, always traditionally associated with Venus, comes from such a creature, one which respires by means of a copper-process.
    • Her other hand points at a painting within the painting of a mermaid sounding a conch shell, indicating her affinity with the legless, mythological creature.
    • The elf clutched the small conch shell in one hand and whispered a thank you to her friend.
    • All were available in plain or patinated brass or copper, and they included a variety of shells, such as Philippine, chiton, limpet, melon, triton, sea conch, and nautilus.
    • Try the peppered scallops, shrimp, conch and ‘whole fish dishes in Hong Kong style.’
    • Shiva was depicted as a Himalayan ascetic, Vishnu as a blue youth holding in his four hands a discus, mace, conch, and lotus.