Traducción de conclude en español:


concluir, v.

Pronunciación /kənˈklud/ /kənˈkluːd/

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verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(end)

      (discussion/lesson/letter) concluir formal
      (discussion/lesson/letter) finalizar
      • Father Charles Sweeney and Rev Bruce Hayes switch on Castletownshend Christmas lights at 6 p.m. and carol singing concludes a great day out for all the family.
      • Then, with a sigh, she concluded her duty by bringing Thatcher his tea and bread.
      • The study's concluding chapter concerns itself with the culminating philosophy of the Gurdjieff movement in Harlem.
      • The martial beat of ‘Onward, Christian Soldiers’ (a hymn I stopped singing decades ago) concludes the service.
      • It is often accompanied by the shaking of hands, concluded by bringing the right palm to one's chest.
      • Due to other commitments which largely include concluding his studies in International business, he will only be able to hold shows two or three times a year.
      • It has promised a period of consultation once the study is concluded, with a view to introducing new weight structures for flat and jump racing next season.
      • In 1667, Milton finally concluded an agreement with a publisher for the printing of Paradise Lost.
      • Consultation and negotiation in good faith are required, not as a mere formality, but as a genuine attempt to conclude an agreement.
      • Al Beshir said the peace agreement signed concluded Sudan's independence of 1956, which had been incomplete due to the war in the south.
      • ‘We concluded a formal agreement when we created our coalition, setting down our relations if we took power jointly,’ said Tymoshenko.
      • Peace was finally concluded by the Treaty of Ryswick.
      • A peace was finally concluded by which Spain received the island of Minorca in place of Gibraltar.
      • The narrative sources in particular are full of accounts of embassies and special meetings to arrange truces or conclude peace between warring bands.
      • In 1997 Japanese prime minister Hashimoto Ryutaro and Boris Yeltsin set a goal of concluding a formal peace treaty, which would also resolve the status of the disputed islands, by the end of this year.
      • At their summit in Tokyo, Goh and Mori are expected to announce the launch of negotiations for concluding a free-trade agreement.
      • Negotiations to conclude a new agreement failed.
      • The foreign minister said he is calling a meeting Tuesday among pertinent cabinet ministers on the presupposition that the two leaders might decide to enter negotiations on concluding an agreement.
      • The way they finally reversed that trend was to conclude an agreement with Castro that anybody hijacking planes to Cuba would be immediately arrested and put in jail for forty years.
      • He was about to conclude a peace agreement with Syria.
      • We are delighted to have concluded this manufacturing agreement with Tata Engineering.
      • Despite efforts to resolve the issues in dispute, no settlement was reached and no agreement was concluded.
      • The new shareholder has declared the intention to conclude agreements with the plant's creditors and restore the production.
      • Russia recalled its forces but did not conclude a formal peace.
      • So, more studies are needed before concluding the maximum amount of additives for each ingredient and deciding whether the foods qualify under the regulation.
      • All of Edinburgh's contract negotiations for the coming season have now been concluded, bringing the squad to 27 players.

    • 1.2(settle)

      (deal) cerrar
      (agreement) llegar a
      (treaty) firmar
      (alliance) pactar

  • 2

    concluir formal
    I'd already concluded that … yo ya había llegado a la conclusión de que …
    • For all those reasons, the judge concluded that the defendant had failed to show prejudice resulting from the delay.
    • Of course it doesn't help arriving from England because everyone concludes that I've brought the weather with me.
    • The British, the author of this scholarly and objective study concludes, lost both the will and the ability to rule by force.
    • The lesson for fashion outlets is to ensure that they really do provide customer service, the study concludes.
    • The changes will also lead to an increase in the number of problem gamblers, the study concludes.
    • Scientists from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong University concluded in a study two years ago that bad air quality can be linked to increased hospital admissions and respiratory ailments.
    • The study concluded, as the majority of mall traders already know, that most anti-social behaviour and criminal damage is carried out along the mall in hours of darkness.
    • Research is still divided about the risk that mobile phones pose, with some studies concluding that microwave radiation can cause cancer, affect blood pressure and bring about memory problems.
    • The study concludes that over the nineteen-year period Australia's relative citation impact has declined, unlike other countries.
    • The study concludes that while there might be quality teaching in individual classes in secondary schools, the disjointed approach does not serve pupils well.
    • The study concludes that an inter-hospital transfer service would be the most appropriate in an all-island context.
    • The new leaflet draws on a number of international clinical studies and concludes that precautions must be taken when using mobile phones.
    • However a US government study has concluded armed terrorists could get at a nuclear cargo by using explosives to blow open the transport casks.
    • However, the study team concluded women who spent years trying to conceive were 2.7 times more likely to develop ovarian cancer.
    • This study concludes that the schools in the Southeast are totally unprepared for this wave of immigration.
    • A recent national study concludes that 25 percent of adult women have experienced violence from a romantic partner.
    • Indeed, Schwartz was also the primary author of a study concluding that obese people whose systems secrete insulin at high levels may be protected against further weight gain.
    • All studies on privatization always conclude that mere privatization is not enough.
    • Numerous studies conclude that playing music to babies in the womb and in the early years helps build the neural bridges along which thoughts and information travel.
    • The study concludes the only practical way to avoid those costs is to enforce the law, and reduce the number of illegal aliens in this country.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (come to an end)
    (meeting/talk/book) concluir formal
    (meeting/talk/book) terminar
    to conclude, I would like to thank everybody for coming para concluir, querría agradecerles a todos su asistencia
  • 2concluding present participle

    (remarks/chapter) final