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concreción, n.

Pronunciación /kənˈkriʃən/ /ˌkɑnˈkriʃən/ /kənˈkriːʃ(ə)n/

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    concreción femenino
    • At certain levels, carbonate-rich beds are present, inside which decimetre-scale hard calcareous concretions develop.
    • Preservation of non-biomineralized tissues within concretions occurs through most of the Phanerozoic, from the Upper Cambrian to the Recent.
    • The barite and calcite form excellent euhedral crystals in concretions within the Cretaceous-age Mancos Shale.
    • To make matters worse, the concretions can be associated with cycads.
    • The bodies of many smaller concretions are surrounded by a shell of fine-grained pyrite.
    • The biomineralized shells of trilobites, gastropods and brachiopods are preserved within the concretions.
    • These are found rarely in large septarian concretions in the Huron Shale in north-central Ohio near Milan, in Huron County.
    • Septarian concretions, some as much as 6 feet in diameter, occur in the Mancos Shale north of the town of Grand Junction where the land slopes upward toward the base of the Book Cliffs.
    • Large chert concretions appear 8 m above the base of the unit at Muller Canyon whereas at Reno Draw they do not appear until 18 m above the base.
    • The mudstones are dark and contain calcareous concretions, the latter brecciated and with calcareous veins.
    • Coal balls are concretions of permineralized peat formed in place.
    • Most specimens are contained in concretions and are preserved only because the concretions formed around them.
    • They sometimes are found together with dolostone concretions, barite nodules, or phosphatic nodules.
    • Eventually, the sandstone slowly eroded away and the hard, erosion-resistant concretions were left on the ground.
    • This spike has been previously regarded as diagenetic, as the samples analysed correspond to limestone concretions.
    • Asbestos bodies are asbestos fibers that have been coated with an iron-rich, proteinaceous concretion.
    • Recently, one of us saw a bin of silicified barite concretion fragments in a Utah rock shop that were being sold as cycad specimens.
    • The authors show that early concretion growth prevented collapse and infilling of voids in the organisms, in the time-interval between organic decay and precipitation of calcite.
    • Coal balls are a particular type of carbonate concretion that has been long known for the superb preservation of plant material.
    • A nodule is a type of concretion with a rough and knobby surface.