Translation of cone-shaped in Spanish:


cónico, adj.

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    • Some older rural men continue to wear the traditional short, cone-shaped, brown felt hat.
    • Just 20 minutes from the airport, we are perched on top of a cone-shaped hill overlooking Kranj.
    • The only illumination came through a hole in the cone-shaped ceiling.
    • In the countryside, he saw many cone-shaped tombs where poor people were laid to rest.
    • The lungs, a pair of sponge-like, cone-shaped organs, are part of the body's respiratory system.
    • A healthy liver is cone-shaped, with a smooth, rubbery texture.
    • The cone-shaped capsules of the early U.S. space program had heat shields attached to their base.
    • The beautiful purple petals that radiate from its dark cone-shaped centre somewhat resemble the commonly grown black-eyed Susan.
    • At one time, the nomadic Kazaks lived in yurts, cone-shaped tents of white felt stretched over a framework of wooden poles.
    • The dry manure will stack in cone-shaped mounds.
    • The Sotho, known as excellent horsemen, are distinguished by their bright blankets and cone-shaped hats.
    • Its white flowers are short lived but the striking cone-shaped golden bracts will last from early summer right through to autumn.