Traducción de confidence trick en español:

confidence trick


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    • The victim of the confidence game refuses to believe that he is being relieved of his money and dignity, but an ignominious fate awaits him every time.
    • He asserted: ‘The whole arrangement is nothing less than a confidence trick perpetrated by the Government against people.’
    • In the absence of a supportive fundamental backdrop, a ‘strong dollar’ policy is in reality nothing but an elaborate confidence trick.
    • We would argue that this whole process of jawboning the markets is part of an elaborate confidence trick on the part of the Fed.
    • Lip Service thus becomes a kind of a confidence trick, a bait-and-switch technique in which readers are not dupes but co-conspirators.
    • In the face of the booms and busts of the capitalist economy, the confidence game of shrewd deception and cool risk taking was often what was required - and secretly admired.
    • In fact, the struggle turns out to be not just a confidence game, but a con game, a cognitive distortion, a self-fulfilling prophecy, the best excuse in the world for not writing.
    • Comedy is a confidence trick: we have to believe we are in the hands of someone who knows what he is doing.
    • After a while it reads like a confidence trick, and leaves one uneasy.
    • Not many people would stand here and be told that the system they have been born into is no more than a confidence trick.
    • I strongly suspect that nobody would ever receive any goods in return for money sent in - thus making anybody who displayed the links party to a confidence trick.
    • The ideological confidence trick by both the presidential candidates led to nothing but public confusion and thus a neck and neck fight.
    • I got half way through, and never finished it, so the confidence trick, coin magic and prison entries remain unfinished to this day.
    • This confidence trick, for that is what it is, has been condemned by the social teaching of the church.
    • The reason is simple, the facts will not support the confidence trick they have played on the public.
    • The boy was then chased and subjected to a cruel confidence trick before being punched in the stomach.
    • It's a confidence game updated and used for political, or in this case, the artist's, purposes, which seem to lie partly in sowing confusion.
    • But of course the American media couldn't see it this way without jeopardizing the confidence game it administers.
    • Everyone who is responsible for the security of computer systems should take care to ensure they are following legitimate advice, and not falling for this kind of confidence trick.