Traducción de confident en español:


hecho con confianza, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈkɑnfədənt/ /ˈkɒnfɪd(ə)nt/


  • 1

    (statement/forecast) hecho con confianza
    (statement/forecast) hecho con seguridad
    to be confident of sth confiar en algo
    in the confident belief / expectation that … confiando en que …
    • I am confident that she won't disappoint us tengo (la) plena confianza de que no nos defraudará
    • He was certainly very confident that there were places where autism could be treated.
    • If he is confident of a positive response from his squad then the fun is set to begin for United fans.
    • While it is too early to record any positive results yet, Pam is quietly confident that it will help.
    • I'm confident that Kevin is working hard to make sure that that's something that we deal with.
    • We are confident of our sources and satisfied with the veracity of the story.
    • He was confident of winning with a stoppage and I'm sure he would have done if he'd had the chance.
    • As has been said before, it's better to be confident of a good result than hopeful of a great one.
    • However, when prices dive so low, how can we be confident that no one is being exploited at the manufacturing end?
    • And the two writers are confident that it is going to be pure fun in the months and years to come.
    • Helen is still paying back loans she took on this investment but she is confident about the future.
    • I do believe we should be reasonably confident about our prospects for the future.
    • He said he was very confident that agriculture had a bright future in the enlarged EU.
    • It is a very ambitious target but the group is confident that it will succeed.
    • The company said it had employed a team of top experts to look into the matter and was confident that none of the houses was in any danger.
    • He added that the firm had monitored the local market for several months and was confident that the units would be taken up.
    • Obviously he can't make any promises but I am confident that he will look at the arguments carefully.
    • She is confident that any new features, including work to complete a path, will boost the park's image.
    • They should all be confident of an appropriate and a caring response, he promised.
    • Investors therefore feel more confident about the outlook for company profits and stock markets.
    • That, in a small way, makes me feel more confident about carrying on with my plan.
  • 2

    (person) seguro de sí mismo
    • Before we go out onto the field, he makes everyone so relaxed and confident in their own ability.
    • Instead, he was too trusting, perhaps too confident in his own ability to keep everything together.
    • They refused to be overawed by Brazil, and came out fully confident in their ability to win.
    • You have to be confident in your own ability and trust the people you have around you.
    • She had been writing songs and performing since she was a child and was confident in her abilities.
    • I have always been confident in my own ability and thankfully it paid off.
    • We are obviously confident in our own ability but it will be quite difficult to go straight up this year.
    • Privileged kids are far more relaxed and confident in huge, posh colleges.
    • It's little wonder that she used to consider herself to be fearless on stage but much less confident in front of a camera.
    • Some people think I'm not capable of doing well, but I'm quite confident in myself.
    • They found pupils felt more confident in lessons, they were less distracted and did not feel the need to show off.
    • Be confident in yourself, show that to the judges and the people and you'll do great.
    • So from a very early age I've always felt very confident in and on the water.
    • Dog handlers have to be able to work by themselves and to be confident in doing so, he said.
    • Feeling more confident in the arms of this stranger who was not a stranger, Ellen's back stiffened.
    • Longstanding drivers who know the rules were confident in saying no to management.
    • I walk in with confident ease and smile at the people I pass, who are only too happy to see me.
    • This is not the remark of someone confident in his own identity and prospects.
    • They are also happier, more confident and develop better abilities to concentrate.
    • This is a slick yet wearable collection that just begs to be worn with killer heels and a sexy, confident smile.