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confirmación, n.

Pronunciación /ˌkɑnfərˈmeɪʃ(ə)n/ /kɒnfəˈmeɪʃ(ə)n/

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    • 1.1(substantiation)

      confirmación femenino
      we shall need confirmation of your booking by letter necesitamos confirmación por escrito de su reserva
      • it gave ample confirmation of her acting ability confirmó ampliamente su talento como actriz
      • this is confirmation of what I thought esto confirma lo que yo pensaba
      • He received confirmation local authority houses were being built in Onion's Field.
      • But he did so some time after his department had received formal written confirmation of the fact.
      • We're waiting on official confirmation that she did indeed leave this route and it's incredible.
      • It could be as long as 48 hours before health officials get official confirmation that the two have the plague, he said.
      • The family here may hold some sort of a press conference later today when they get official confirmation of all of that.
      • But we have no official confirmation of what that neighboring structure just might be.
      • But he has not yet received confirmation of his place in the 12-hour race.
      • It's reassuring to receive confirmation that I am not completely misguided.
      • We received a letter of confirmation to this effect over the weekend.
      • Only last week I received confirmation from the council that planning permission had, in fact, been granted.
      • You will be informed if you cannot enter the system, if it is too busy, and you will receive confirmation when the sale goes through.
      • We still haven't received the mortgage confirmation, which is both worrying and irritating.
      • Once accreditation is approved, media will receive confirmation via e-mail.
      • At the time of writing, no official explanation or confirmation of the circumstances under which he passed away had been made.
      • The Netherlands has 14 confirmations of the virus.
      • After many attempts to verify this relationship, neither confirmations nor denials could be found, only information to evoke laughter and disbelief.
      • ‘The worst is when we have to go out and do death confirmations,’ she says.
      • For now, airlines are trying to do this by training thousands of additional workers to recognize legitimate ticket confirmations or ways to search suitcases.
      • They are inductivists who seek positive confirmations.
      • The existence of side letters may be difficult to ascertain, but if the risk is there, sending out confirmations to customers may really be the only way.

    • 1.2 formal (ratification)

      ratificación femenino

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    confirmación femenino
    • Liberal and Reform synagogues have abandoned their erstwhile preference for confirmation over Bar and Batmitzvah.
    • At the age of thirteen, he had a traditional Jewish confirmation which was soon followed by an interest in Catholicism.
    • The first time a Jewish confirmation was conducted seems to have been in the modern Jewish school in Dessau in 1803.
    • Jewish confirmation includes boys and girls and was developed to extend a young person's Jewish education later into their teen years.
    • Members attend ritual events such as baptisms, confirmations, wedding ceremonies, and funerals and major religious events such as Christmas and Easter.
    • This will stop them inviting you to baptisms, communions, confirmations, funerals and possibly even weddings.
    • Local priests hold religious services and perform baptisms, confirmations, weddings, and funerals.
    • Birthdays are always celebrated, and christenings and confirmations are celebrated with large parties.
    • Important occasions like births, baptisms, confirmations, marriages and deaths were carefully recorded in their big black family bibles.
    • It means that we are always having to think of how people can park when they attend events such as confirmations and baptisms.
    • Don't forget we accept orders for all special occasions (communions, birthdays, confirmations and stations).
    • The jail may be his favorite place to do confirmations.
    • However he declined, feeling awkward at events requiring physical contact, such as graduations or confirmations.
    • Parents are asked to encourage the children who received confirmation on April 1 to give it serious thought.
    • From Barnashrone and Ballyfin schools, 46 children will receive their confirmation.
    • This especially applies to the parents of the boys and girls who received confirmation in the parish on April 1.