Traducción de conflict en español:


conflicto, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkɑnˌflɪkt/ /ˈkɒnflɪkt/ /kənˈflɪkt/

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    conflicto masculino
    armed conflict conflicto armado
    • the two countries are in conflict over the island los dos países se disputan la isla
    • to come into conflict with sth/sb entrar en conflicto con algo/algn
    • a conflict of opinions una discrepancia de opiniones
    • More than 300,000 child soldiers are fighting in armed conflicts in more than thirty countries worldwide.
    • Fighting in an armed conflict does not constitute murder, or aiding an ‘enemy’.
    • The recent local wars and armed conflicts taught us to pay special attention to the paratroopers' armaments.
    • An analysis of the local wars and armed conflicts suggests that air force invariably defeated air defense forces.
    • This author believes that the problem of employing the Navy in local wars and armed conflicts needs further study.
    • This will probably also be characteristic of armed conflicts and local wars in any strategic sectors.
    • A prolonged conflict would drive up gasoline and other prices, which would add to the cost of transporting most products.
    • More than a million people were displaced during the armed conflict.
    • Australia was not born of a blood-soaked conflict or struggle to be free from oppression.
    • The communication system should ensure reliable and effective command and control of troops in the course of an armed conflict.
    • It is even harder to hope for success in military actions on a larger scale, like an armed conflict escalating into a local war.
    • This theory does rely upon a swift resolution, and a prolonged conflict would have an equally opposite and negative reaction to the rebound in the global economy and stock markets.
    • Here are some articles from the Geneva Convention that deal with the protection of civilians in armed conflicts.
    • Yet the world does need to see and understand its armed conflicts.
    • It should impose martial law or state of emergency in the zones of armed conflicts and antiterrorism operations.
    • The perception of the lineup and balance of forces and the character of future armed conflicts is beginning to change.
    • For millennia, Earth had served as an arena, the battleground for an unrelenting conflict between the forces of heaven and hell.
    • For the remainder of 1899, the war was a conventional conflict between the American and Republican armies.
    • I see perhaps a protracted conflict against various terrorist organizations and nations that harbor them.
    • A public conference next week will look at reconciliation and rebuilding after serious conflicts.

verbo intransitivo

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    (opinions/versions) discrepar
    (opinions/versions) estar reñido
    our interests conflict nuestros intereses están en conflicto
    • The entire middle part of the film is devoted to the couple's conflicted struggle to save him.
    • To be fair, the vice president faced a conflicted public opinion environment.
    • But back then, the social conservatives were an emerging force with conflicted roots.
    • His conflicted expression is suddenly interrupted by a flash of levity.
    • It was wonderful to see her, of course, so I feel terrible about being so conflicted and ungenerous.
    • The result is an intellectual portrait of a complex, conflicted man.
    • The play itself offers a conflicted examination of some of these issues surrounding the status of performance.
    • While the conflicted desires of women have created some of this tension, society sends its own mixed signals.
    • But of course Aristotle does not mean that a conflicted person has more than one faculty of reason.
    • Consequently, we seldom talk about or even allow ourselves to be conscious of our conflicted feelings.
    • Her home was in Virginia; however, she had to remain silent about her conflicted feelings.
    • But it is the natural imagery that makes this conflicted love poem so memorable.
    • It is these qualities we need to understand if we are to make sense of this conflicted representation of New York.
    • The most conflicted and pessimistic families were least likely to move to a new conversational level.
    • A greater number of conflicted couples reported being childless than other types of couples.
    • His was a large presence, and his course, again, ran through conflicted times.
    • He is so disturbed by his conflicted feelings that he attacks the castle.
    • This is obviously a desperate attempt at rational thought by a deeply conflicted individual.
    • She made a conflicted plea bargain in the case and received a stiff twenty-year to life sentence.
    • As a result, more intensive intervention is recommended for the conflicted couples.
    • On the basis of existing trials, such a trial would be ethical because present evidence is conflicting.
    • National guidance derived from the records of multiple organisations was conflicting.
    • However the two fundamental rights must not be seen as inherently conflicting.
    • The effect of alcohol on fertility is not clear as the results of studies are conflicting.
    • I auditioned but had to withdraw because it conflicted with my photo contract.
    • Here, we should not assume that economic interests necessarily conflicted with love interests.
    • This later evidence conflicted with known global migration data, and the materials were sent to four independent labs for dating.
    • They maintained the case had not been made for the court, which conflicted with the protection of human rights and a liberal democracy.
    • Many people strongly opposed the idea of evolution because it conflicted with their religious convictions.
    • The proposals also conflicted with the national park's Local Plan policies which protect conservation areas.
    • She should not have been treated using a local anaesthetic because it conflicted with drugs she was using for hernia and heart problems.
    • Abortion rights activists said it conflicted with three decades of Supreme Court precedent.
    • This would, of course, have conflicted with church services and Sunday worship.
    • What he instilled in students was responsibility for, and courage in, our own ideas, even when they conflicted with his own.
    • Their explanations, however, still conflicted with some documents written at the time.
    • The judge held that the development manifestly conflicted with the allocation of land in the development plan.
    • The rising expectations of all classes conflicted with the need to reduce government expenditure.
    • I think it is incredibly difficult for teenagers who are bombarded with conflicting messages.
    • In order to reconcile these two conflicting beliefs, we would have to seek the truth.
    • There were also conflicting reports about the reasons for the suspect's arrest.