Translation of conflicting in Spanish:


opuesto, adj.

Pronunciation /kənˈflɪktɪŋ/

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    (interests) opuesto
    (interests) encontrado
    (views/accounts) contradictorio
    she was torn by conflicting emotions se debatía en un mar de emociones contradictorias
    • We are reaching the point where the process of rationalization is conflicting with the deepest human needs.
    • In the beginning of the article, he prophetically states, "The results are somewhat conflicting."
    • The collected data on the effects of salinity stress on PSII photochemistry are conflicting.
    • The evidence for a direct effect of macrolides on neutrophil chemotaxis is conflicting.
    • No evidence of even fair quality exists, or the existing evidence is conflicting.
    • National guidance derived from the records of multiple organisations was conflicting.
    • Last week the FDA said antidepressant use by children actually rose this year, directly conflicting with Medco's data.
    • However, the physiological reports in the literature are conflicting.
    • Evidence for the use of probiotics in the treatment of Helicobacter pylori infection has been conflicting.
    • Growing up, I adopted for myself two identities, never conflicting - I loved them both.
    • What we're down to here is conflicting rights.
    • The evidence of what took place at the meeting of July 14th is conflicting.
    • However, there is conflicting evidence regarding the effect of smoking on glycaemic control.
    • However, there is conflicting evidence on the benefit of diuretics in phosgene induced pulmonary oedema.
    • There is conflicting evidence about the date of composition.
    • Indeed, conflicting 'messages' could be read into the film.
    • There is conflicting case law on whether a private placement can be given retrospective authorization.
    • I remember the thoughts that flooded my mind, each conflicting with the next.
    • Data on gender differences in self-reported emotional intensity and expressivity are conflicting.
    • The existing government safety standards are ambiguous and conflicting at best.