Traducción de congeal en español:


espesarse, v.

Pronunciación /kənˈdʒil/ /kənˈdʒiːl/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (ketchup/mustard) espesarse
    (fat) solidificarse
    (fat) cuajar
    congealed blood sangre coagulada
    • John got up and began rummaging through the refrigerator, eventually seizing on a plate plied with pizza slices congealed into an amorphous lump that resembled a failed lasagna.
    • Although overall it was linear and limber, in places it congealed into colorful clots.
    • Another possibility, he speculated, was that lubricant has congealed into a buttery texture, preventing it from being evenly spread among the gear's moving parts.
    • Not to say that he was immune to her, no, he sensed the strangest feeling coming on as he looked upon her luminous visage now, as if all his internal organs had been scrambled together and congealed into a wobbly mass of jelly.
    • Finally, the eggs congealed into shiny yellow clumps, and we sat down at the table to eat.
    • I scoop up some spaghetti, and discover it has congealed into a solid mass - Medusa on a bad hair day.
    • But it had such a high melting point and it cooled so rapidly once exposed to air, that it didn't really flow before it congealed into solid rock.
    • When the reaction was complete, the catalyst congealed into a sticky solid and settled to the bottom of the test tube.
    • When cooled, the product congeals and therefore, the form and texture of anything made with gelatin can be imaginatively altered.
    • Bacon grease congeals as it cools so what I want to know is: Exactly what type of pig lard is going to be used in the squirt guns?
    • It's almost like claret wine, except thicker like syrup, drying, coagulating, congealing into a tacky mess on the floor.
    • The deep gashes then immediately seemed to heal by themselves, the blood congealed and coagulated, the wounds closed upon themselves and dried into scars and the scars then faded and the wet fur gleamed whitely again.
    • Fever, heat, and stagnation may damage the fluids, which congeal and thicken and do not flow.
    • Fats and grease congeal and harden in cold water which can then be flushed through the system.
    • The longer you wait, the more the sauce congeals and (I swear this is true) sweetens.
    • Avoid using olive oil because it congeals in the refrigerator.
    • When she gets up from the table she takes her plate to the sink, but leaves his - the fat congealing around the chops, the mashed potato developing a thin yellowy crust - centred neatly between knife and fork.
    • As good as it is there is this unscratchable memory of the 5-gallon jug that was loaded, lined, and congealed with the yellow soot at a restaurant I once worked at.
    • My fellow diners feast on what looks like a random assortment of seasonal vegetables congealed in a murky coconut sauce, or else the dreaded soy burger.
    • It's an ill-formed, thick and sticky horror - like Roast Lamb gone cold and congealed with fat.