Translation of congestion charge in Spanish:

congestion charge


Motor Vehicles
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    pago en concepto de peaje que se cobra por conducir en el centro de Londres dentro de cierto horario
    • We asked people in York how they felt about the council considering a congestion charge for the city centre
    • Both bosses support the possibility of bringing in a congestion charge in the city centre.
    • That's not to mention its exemption from the London congestion charge and road tax.
    • Gas-guzzling four-wheel drive cars would be charged a double congestion charge under the Liberal Democrats.
    • A year on from the introduction of the congestion charge and still payment is causing confusion for drivers in London city.
    • Most York people want a nine per cent decrease in traffic and believe a congestion charge could be effective.
    • In particular the Green Party is hoping councils will be given the power to levy a congestion charge for air traffic.
    • The apparent beauty of this system over the standard congestion charge is that tag charges can vary depending on the route and even the time of day.
    • Why, evade the London congestion charge every day for six years and you've saved yourself the price of a brand-new urban run-about.
    • But it will become less of a problem - just in time for our political masters to bring in their national congestion charge.
    • The amount of revenue generated by the London congestion charge has also been called into question.
    • The idea is to limit traffic congestion by extending the idea of a congestion charge.
    • On rural roads, only a single congestion charge is likely to be feasible.
    • All were represented at the meeting, which agreed to demand that management compensate firefighters for the congestion charge.
    • It emerged yesterday that London will become the first capital city in the West to introduce a congestion charge.
    • This has largely been as a result of the introduction of more services to support the congestion charge.
    • High parking charges applied universally have become something like a congestion charge.
    • The traffic's much worse than London with the congestion charge.
    • The congestion charge is a bold new traffic measure that I have been particularly interested to learn more about.
    • Amazingly, the richest residential area in central London doesn't have the congestion charge.