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conglomerado (de empresas), n.

Pronunciación /kənˈɡlɑmərət/ /kənˈɡlɒm(ə)rət/ /kənˈɡlɑməˌreɪt/ /kənˈɡlɒməreɪt/

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    conglomerado (de empresas) masculino
    • Canada's distilling industry achieved concentration within the industry through horizontal integration or numerous mergers which created large conglomerates where oligopolist firms dominated.
    • In the distant future, when space travel is common and the solar system has been colonized by Earth, corporate conglomerates hold a firm grip on the space industry.
    • Freedom of choice in voting is also a myth since the masses really only get to choose between two stooges of big business who have already been hand-picked by the corporate parties and media conglomerates.
    • After all, we are a corporation, not a conglomerate.
    • People could not evaluate the true risk of their investments because financial conglomerates were distorting market signals.
    • Indeed, his words have proved true, as present-day giant media corporations and media conglomerates attest.
    • But he scoffed at conspiracy theories suggesting government, corporations and media conglomerates are in cahoots.
    • Coming from media conglomerates and other corporate giants, that sort of rhetoric is notably self-serving.
    • Soon the day will come when profitable businesses could process reputation data and resell it to customers ranging from credit card companies to retailers to media conglomerates.
    • They both concentrate on training on the spot, offering experiences in different types of media, as they are run by diversified media conglomerates.
    • That's equal to 40% of the conglomerate's senior management team.
    • Last week, big newspaper companies, broadcast media conglomerates, and their lawyers and brokers and bankers and boards, had all lined up the next big media buying frenzy.
    • Speculation is also swirling that insurance and other financial conglomerates could spin off their asset-management arms.
    • The process of globalization, epitomized by the transformation of American corporations into transnational conglomerates, radically and permanently altered the conditions of life for the working class.
    • The print press has sometimes also been victimized by similar cost-cutting strategies, often as a consequence of media mergers by larger conglomerates.
    • This is the largest of all of the global media conglomerates, a brash place where swagger and superstar brands are a way of life.
    • As a green party councillor totally opposed to multi-national companies and conglomerates, how can l condemn someone for doing something l do myself?
    • Debt-ridden media conglomerates are now considering sales of their music divisions even as they begin to test paid online music services intended to compete with free file-swapping networks and turn the tide.
    • Now public opinion has come under the control of corporate conglomerates whose primary interest is profit.
    • But it does demonstrate that the vast media conglomerates looking to take over the online music market are in rude health.
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    conglomerado masculino
    • The lower Spring Valley Member consists of fluvial to shallow-water sedimentary rocks including conglomerate, sandstone, shale, banded iron formation and localized stromatolitic limestone.
    • Bands of sheared sandstone, mudstone, and conglomerate locally form broken units indicating deformation prior to full lithification of sediment, consistent with an accretionary complex origin.
    • The plateau is capped by Pennsylvanian sandstone and shale, and lesser amounts of siltstone, conglomerate, and coal.
    • It is composed of gray carbonaceous silt-stone and three conspicuous beds of sandstone and conglomerate.
    • The Annascaul Formation is at least 500 m thick, and is dominated by mudrocks with subordinate quartz wacke sandstones, tuffaceous fine conglomerates and melange.

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