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congreso, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkɑŋɡrəs/ /ˈkɒŋɡrɛs/

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    congreso masculino
    • In the past, disputes at Green party congresses were often vehement and passionate, although usually conducted on a very low level.
    • At the same time, the party congress was instructive in exposing the political background of the latest round of anti-foreigner and German nationalist agitation.
    • Hundreds of psychologists from all over the world attend our annual conventions, and hundreds of U.S. psychologists attend international congresses and other overseas meetings each year.
    • Apart from some holiday speeches at their recent congress, the Socialist Party has been unwilling to even raise a finger against his measures.
    • The citizens' insurance model favoured by the party congress is a two-sided coin.
    • At party congresses, the revisionists, who argued for a reconciliation with the existing social order, were regularly outvoted.
    • At a party congress held in Berlin on August 27, Germany's recently founded Left Party adopted its program for the federal election due to take place on September 18.
    • Finally, she was cheered frenetically at the party congress, where she was elected by a membership that did not want to hear about any more dirty business.
    • Just a few months later, she won a majority of the votes at the party congress in Dresden in the election for CDU deputy chairperson.
    • It is now preoccupied by a fight with the left for control of the party at its congress this month.
    • The power to decide on a candidate to steer Namibia's boat for the next five years lies in the hands of delegates taking part in next weekend's extraordinary congress of the Swapo Party.
    • He said the next plenum of the central committee, scheduled after local party congresses from August this year to before March next year, will touch upon personnel matters for a new party leadership.
    • In the end, two party congresses were held instead of one.
    • He said the party had decided to hold the party congress by the end of the year, so that it could have a greater influence ahead of the 2006 general elections.
    • The panelists, members of a national government advisory congress, intervened and heard the student out, according to one witness and accounts by others posted on the Internet.
    • Madisha was speaking at the sixth annual national congress of the SA Municipal Workers' Union here.
    • The GAA's national congress in April will vote on changing its structure, which would allow its smaller central council to make a decision on ending the ban.
    • He said the party's national congress was the only body that could change the UDM's position.
    • The very notion of an ‘Indonesian’ women's congress foregrounded its nationalist drive.
    • One might as well propose steak tartare for the banquet of the next world congress of vegans.
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    (in US)
    el Congreso (de los Estados Unidos)
    • As you know, I have spend most of week up on Capitol Hill covering the Congress.
    • She could get seven years and says she plans to take her case to the United Nations and the U.S. Congress.
    • The Congress of the United States and the president of the United States unite.
    • The president of the United States is going to the Congress of the United States.
    • The House of Representatives is the larger of the two Houses of Congress.
    • He ought to go to the Congress of the United States if he wants to wage war.
    • If the Republicans are going to control only one house of Congress, then it would be best if it was the Senate.
    • Soon, the White House and Congress will cut deals, and some funds will be restored.
    • Sign up for the rally now or send a message to your Senators and Representative in Congress.
    • The Congress stood on the steps and sang together, both Democrats and Republicans.
    • This motion will be presented to the House of Delegates at Congress in April.
    • On the next day, Congress chose George Washington to be its commander in chief.
    • The President didn't ask Congress to pass a law to give him such authorization.
    • Then, as now, Republicans controlled Congress and Democrats the White House.
    • This is his way to win the votes for the Republican people up in Congress.
    • There is only one problem: Congress has not yet made available any money for the program.
    • It takes money to run the Department of Justice, and Congress controls the purse.
    • Some Democrats in Congress apparently think the same is true of the United States.
    • Now they are holding midnight sessions of congress to overturn 19 state judges and interfere in people's most personal decisions.

Hay 2 traducciones principales de Congress en español

: congress1Congress2


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    • El Congreso es el organismo nacional legislativo de Estados Unidos. Se reúne en el Capitolio Capitol - The Capitol y está compuesto por dos cámaras, el Senado Senate y la Cámara de Representantes House of Representatives . Se renueva cada dos años y su función es elaborar leyes. Toda nueva ley debe ser aprobada primero por las dos cámaras y posteriormente por el Presidente President .