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congruente, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈkɑŋɡruəs/ /ˈkɒŋɡrʊəs/

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    to be congruous with sth ser congruente con algo
    • These things look great fun to fly - their pilots wave from open cockpits and wiggle their wings raffishly - but they look as graceful and congruous as goats on skateboards.
    • And our previous name and layout wasn't congruous with what we were doing.
    • In the end process any theory on the acquisition or evolution of language must not only offer a model on how we process language, it must be congruous with how we process music.
    • His work is nothing if not congruous and consistently rewarding.
    • For such people summer is congruous with added misery courtesy of the frequent power failures and water shortages.
    • Not always do our plans materialize; not always do our expectations fetch congruous results; not always do our efforts bear fruit.
    • A meat-eater may become upset when it is suggested that her everyday eating habits contribute to the destruction of the rain forests; to the meat-eater, the hamburger is congruous with sustenance, not destruction.
    • First, three years ago, the original team, while they did many things well, failed to design and build a user interface that offered a considerate, congruous user experience that anticipates the user's needs.
    • To persuade students that popular culture is congruous with critical analysis, then, media educators should consider using creative metaphors to jar students into looking at popular culture in new ways.
    • Moderate stylization and antirealism that falls short of true expressionism is sometimes enough to soothe congruous crudity into an effectively intensified sensibility, if the idiom is correct.
    • But perhaps the highlight of the album, rather than any specific moment, is its ability to retain a congruous vision without ever growing stale within the confines of its own sonic inclinations.
    • A bright orange ball of fire was setting silently into a landscape of rippled dark blue, congruous to a watercolor painting - perfect, calm, and passionate - all at once.
    • An analysis for reliability and validity shows that the responses to these two questions are congruous and measure the same magnitude.
    • Perspective by incongruity is one tool that instructors can use to persuade students that the media are congruous with critical analysis and not merely with entertainment and escape.
    • Altogether his work has a distinctive, congruous voice, but individually his films are produced with very dissimilar methods and motives.
    • Rather, she keeps close to home, a location that metonymically signals that her interests are congruous with the interests of her husband and family.
    • An international business firm has to devise a system of compensation and reward for extra effort for its employees congruous with the prevailing attitudes to work in the host culture.
    • But these efforts are wasted if the copy is stale or lacks a congruous theme.
    • As a family, we only request that an effort be made to create an atmosphere that is congruous with our Jewish values.
    • All these elements which have some mutual conflict of interest are congruous with the inferior part of the universe which we call earth.