Translation of conjecture in Spanish:


Pronunciation /kənˈdʒɛktʃər/ /kənˈdʒɛktʃə/

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  • 1

    it's pure conjecture no son más que conjeturas / suposiciones
    • whether he'll accept is a matter for conjecture sobre si aceptará o no solo pueden hacerse conjeturas
  • 2 formal

    conjetura feminine
    to make/hazard a conjecture hacer/aventurar una conjetura
    • At the same time, I willingly sign up to support longer-range conjectures about the place and purpose of social tools, in general, and explicit software networking technologies, in specific.
    • For the rest of the morning she issued conjectures about the change in her social status this swingset would bring about.
    • So we sat, the last few hours, thinking about the last few months and making conjectures about the future.
    • She dispelled my early conjectures about my own children's unearthly wisdom and helped me realize that virtually everything they did and said came from practicing what they saw and heard.
    • The refreshing night breeze suddenly seemed much more appealing than spending the next half hour sitting amongst people who were making false conjectures about me.
    • The mass media have reported every single act of violence, however insignificant, making conjectures about its terrorist nature.
    • And to be unfeminine - too masculine, in other words - is to invite savage personal attacks, intense scrutiny, and conjectures about one's sexuality.
    • Please avoid general conjectures about when such unreliable assurances must doubtless have been made.
    • Scholars can offer us only conjectures about who wrote it, who the intended audience was, and where and when it was written.
    • Would they consider preconceived biases having influenced their conjectures?
    • The conjecture is that speculators are acting on insider information.
    • So I guess the conjecture can continue through the foreseeable future.
    • I am only making a conjecture based on website flight information.
    • Until then, the issues that John claimed to be ‘pointing out’ are just opinion and conjecture.
    • I treated that information as plausible conjecture and afforded it credibility as such.
    • His exact reasons for calling it quits remained a matter for heated public conjecture.
    • Our conjecture is that, in general, contextual information requires more attentional resources and intentional processing to encode and to retrieve than does item information.
    • You must not be influenced by sentiment, conjecture, sympathy, passion, prejudice, public opinion, or public feeling.
    • It was as though I had opened a faucet that everyone was just waiting to see opened, so they could start throwing the conjecture around.

transitive verb

  • 1

    it may have been him, he conjectured —puede haber sido él —conjeturó
    • one may conjecture that … se podría conjeturar que …
    • Therefore, this hypothesis conjectures that population density should be positively correlated with patch area.
    • It was conjectured that a spiral walkway would have led around the hill allowing a procession to reach the 120-foot high summit for pre-historic ceremonies.
    • It is conjectured that natural selection tuned the average connectivity in such a way that the network reaches a sparse graph of connections.
    • It was also conjectured that individuals with high levels of anxious/ambivalent attachment would seek to maintain an extremely close relationship with their families because of fear of abandonment.
    • Further, it was conjectured that the adolescents mistook superficial emotions, such as excitement and security, for genuine feelings of well-being.
    • She resembles nothing more than one of those Neolithic ‘goddess’ figurines for which a fertility significance is usually conjectured.
    • Immediately after the accident it was conjectured that the dress had caught fire through contact with a cigarette or a lighted match, thrown down from a higher place above the stairs.
    • It was conjectured that English-speaking Chinese youth identify less with Chinese culture and are more isolated from their Chinese peers.
    • He conjectured results about the number of solutions to polynomial equations over the integers using intuition on how algebraic topology should apply in this novel situation.
    • Because of its posture, if it had been a human being, one might conjecture it was melancholy with a slight reluctance as to what it was doing, akin to a child in pursuit of a lost toy.
    • From this, we conjecture global stability in certain cases.
    • Given this procedural assumption, that integration often creates a need for further integration, it is possible to conjecture the future development.
    • Of course, if that had been the case I would conjecture the set would grow from two discs to about 48.
    • As an adhesive, we conjecture that energy in the fibrils is lost upon decohesion and unloading.
    • Based on experimental evidence he was able to conjecture certain laws which were not verified until many years later.
    • I can only conjecture the reasons that the organisers had for arranging this visit.
    • This sort of cannibalism is an activity that scientists have long imagined and conjectured and in fact predicted but had never seen before.
    • On the basis of this evidence, plus incredible intuition, he conjectured that all the complex zeros are on the critical line.
    • In places where those records are incomplete or lost, we are left to conjecture when people from past centuries were born.
    • Without conjecturing about the specifics of the various relationships, let's say that hypothetically they're intimidated by her due to her fairly strong personality, intelligence and beauty.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    hacer conjeturas