Traducción de conjugal rights en español:

conjugal rights

derechos conyugales, n.

sustantivo plural

  • 1

    derechos conyugales masculino
    • Those rights and pleasures include the enjoyment of family life, the exercise of conjugal rights and the right to found a family.
    • In particular, the issue of conjugal rights for detained inpatients may be brought to the courts, especially for those in longer stay units.
    • That man was widely quoted all over New Zealand as advocating conjugal rights for inmates.
    • But critics say denial of sex within a marriage for whatever reasons can lead to marital discord as the traditional bride wealth a husband pays is believed to amount to a licence for unfettered conjugal rights.
    • Unequal in public life, husband and wife were absolutely equal in conjugal rights.
    • The granting of temporary conjugal rights might be a means of confusing a new dominant male as to the actual paternity of young cubs, thereby protecting them.
    • But are we a little too warm-hearted when we think about sending wives and husbands behind the wall to defend conjugal rights?
    • My conjugal rights have been repeatedly violated and the Gender Commission shows no signs of taking up my case.
    • In 2003, according to two warders, a female prisoner fell pregnant despite there being no conjugal rights for prisoners at the facility.
    • I understand that at the end of the party when the young couple retire to bed it is not yet time to assume their conjugal rights.
    • At night, she would lie in bed and imagine she could hear the shuffle of his slippers as he approached her room to demand his conjugal rights.
    • The tradition still survived of the father-in-law assuming the conjugal rights of a conscripted son.