Translation of conjugate in Spanish:


conjugar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑndʒəˌɡeɪt/ /ˈkɒndʒʊɡeɪt/

See Spanish definition of conjugar

transitive verb

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intransitive verb

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    (verb) conjugarse
    • A French language lesson follows with the Brother conjugating the reflexive verb deshabiller, ‘to undress’.
    • Tenses are confused, verbs are conjugated and there's a creek to swim in to give relief from the merciless sun.
    • In a month, they were writing the alphabet, conjugating verbs, and making small sentences.
    • Oh yeah, I'm trying to learn how to conjugate verbs in Japanese now.
    • And don't worry, even French four students occasionally forget how to conjugate verbs.