Translation of connotation in Spanish:


connotación, n.

Pronunciation /ˌkɑnəˈteɪʃ(ə)n/ /kɒnəˈteɪʃ(ə)n/

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    connotación feminine
    • Leaving aside the religious connotations of the word, an idol in the realm of pop culture is someone that people look up to and engage with.
    • Wouldn't you have to abandon any swear words with sexual connotations to maintain a consistent position?
    • The word carries serious negative connotations that stretch back to the days of colonial Africa.
    • ‘Dilettante’ is not a word with a positive connotation in most circles, whereas ‘purist’ is, I think.
    • Our society often attaches a negative connotation to the word ‘game.’
    • But, given the creative skills and imagination of our tinsel town copywriters, the word takes a different connotation altogether.
    • Ostensibly neutral, each of these words has a positive connotation in the American political lexicon.
    • I use the word in its connotation of an unimpaired or uncorrupted state of affairs.
    • In spite of the negative connotations contained in the word there are good meanings that should be pondered.
    • The word is often used pejoratively and has similar negative connotations to the word ‘witch’ in medieval Europe.
    • Certainly, there are marked, and perhaps primary, political connotations to such myths.
    • While these examples have obvious connotations, some words are ambiguous.
    • The word carries connotations that we believe are out of keeping with our current knowledge about many kinds of kidney problems.
    • But the connotations of the word in English are not completely absent from these images.
    • Some of their words seemed to carry connotations that I was never able to recognize.
    • ‘Sanctity’ is a word with a religious connotation; it means ‘holy or religiously sacred.’
    • Thus the word carries a connotation of some physical use of the property by the tenant for the purposes of his business.
    • The author criticizes conservatives for attaching a negative connotation of the word ‘liberal’ which he says actually symbolizes progress.
    • Like his other performance work, the idea is elegantly simple and full of connotation.
    • The word home, for instance, by denotation means only a place where one lives, but by connotation it suggests security, love, comfort, and family.