Translation of conscience in Spanish:


conciencia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑn(t)ʃəns/ /ˈkɒnʃ(ə)ns/

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    conciencia feminine
    to have a clear conscience tener la conciencia tranquila / limpia
    • my conscience is clear! ¡(yo) tengo la conciencia tranquila / limpia!
    • she has a guilty conscience no tiene la conciencia tranquila
    • her conscience was troubling her le remordía la conciencia
    • my conscience wouldn't let me do it no pude hacerlo, me habría remordido la conciencia
    • that's between you and your conscience haz lo que te diga / te dicte la conciencia
    • the voice of conscience la voz de la conciencia
    • Does God create human beings with a conscience and moral reasoning powers and then leave them alone?
    • He could touch if he wanted to, and he did want to, so badly, but his conscience knew it was wrong.
    • The common people, whose consciences are still alert, are the wheat.
    • The whole legal system would collapse if even just a few lawyers begin to let their own moral consciences influence their work.
    • Maybe these little selves are the voices on our shoulders, like our consciences or our morals.
    • Sweden is often held up as being a model of a democratic European country with a moral conscience.
    • And they got the status of individuals but they don't have moral consciences like we do.
    • I have come to realise that he was born entirely without a conscience or a sense of remorse.
    • Instead, they only serve to ease the consciences of the well-to-do while keeping the poor out of sight.
    • Complex moral issues are better left to the consciences of elected members of parliament.
    • I hope the burglar will have a conscience and return these tapes, which are of no value to anybody else.
    • Maybe that may persuade them to examine their consciences.
    • What the townspeople really suffer from are diseased consciences brought on by severe greed.
    • After all, you have to leave an escape route for people's consciences.
    • Let the people vote for the president and vice president of their choice, in accordance with their consciences.
    • There were people who had obviously suppressed their consciences for the rest of their lives after their actions.
    • Perhaps that is the only way the developed world can react - by digging into pockets and allowing consciences to be troubled.
    • Individuals will be far more free to vote their consciences without fearing economic harm.
    • I think therefore that we in the media have to examine our consciences and say we have a responsibility here beyond informing the public.
    • Our consciences and sensitivities have been deadened by too much drinking, he says.