Translation of conscience money in Spanish:

conscience money


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    dinero que se paga para descargar la conciencia
    • By the time they returned, all three were legless and the rickshaw driver had been given enough conscience money to buy a small house in Puri, the seaside town we had escaped to.
    • If it was conscience money, then it was fortunate for the couple that the cost of assuaging their guilt was measured in the national currency of a poor country.
    • Anything else will be little more than conscience money.
    • The receipt of £25 conscience money, sent anonymously to the Receiver of Revenue at East London, is acknowledged.
    • But I have paid conscience money many times.
    • In modern times, colleges have paid conscience money for their wider ambitions by setting up new aid programs for local students, sometimes singling out those who have shown leadership and community involvement.
    • The whole idea of paying conscience money isn't the way to save the environment.