Traducción de conscientious en español:


concienzudo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌkɑn(t)ʃiˈɛn(t)ʃəs/ /ˌkɒnʃɪˈɛnʃəs/

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    (work) concienzudo
    (work) serio
    (student) aplicado
    (student) serio
    • He was thoroughly conscientious, always helpful and very much liked.
    • Nadine was one of the most thorough and conscientious editors I've ever known.
    • Despite uncertain health, he was installed as dean of St Paul's cathedral, where he was conscientious in his duties and subsequently buried.
    • She was conscientious in her duties, and would insist on reading every sentence, - there was no saying where she might find faults of grammar or bad spelling.
    • Most are hard working, conscientious, and dedicated to the NHS, and continual criticism is demoralising.
    • There are three areas of character building that a conscientious coach may wish to develop during his time with players.
    • Hence, a man could be very conscientious in the duties of his occupation and still fail terribly in his calling as a father.
    • I am conscientious and studious and dedicated to my education thank you very much.
    • He is observant and conscientious and pays meticulous attention to details.
    • He abhorred violence of any kind and was hard-working, loyal and conscientious.
    • The boss said he was the best apprentice they ever had because he was so hard working and conscientious.
    • He's turned out to be conscientious and hard working.
    • I would say most councillors recognise that the vast majority of council employees are hard working, conscientious individuals who deserve all the support that elected members can give them.
    • Operators must be vigilant, conscientious and dedicated in their duties of administering backups and verifying their successful completion.
    • And the Germans are hard working, conscientious, trying hard to be principled pragmatics, wearing history heavily on their shoulder.
    • Kind, conscientious and hard-working, Eddie was a man of many noble qualities who commanded the height of regard and respect among his many friends in England.
    • He was a decent, conscientious, hard working man, who was always very approachable and willing to put himself out for others.
    • A careful, conscientious driver has a momentary lapse in attention, distracted for a second or two, perhaps by a roadside advertisement, and tragedy results - a person is killed.
    • For many years she was a dedicated and conscientious member of the Legion of Mary, attending meeting regularly, reciting The Rosary, participating in the Visitation and other work.
    • The truth is that many of the women are better than the men, they are more careful and conscientious.