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consecutivo, adj.

Pronunciación /kənˈsɛkjədɪv/ /kənˈsɛkjʊtɪv/

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    (numbers) consecutivo
    he was absent on three consecutive days faltó tres días seguidos
    • he's ill for the third consecutive week ya hace tres semanas que está enfermo
    • You can also look for sequences of consecutive primes in arithmetic progression.
    • A quantitative comparison of the flickers observed in the two consecutive image sequences was performed.
    • A Terz is a sequence of three consecutive cards; it is worth 20 points.
    • At your turn you can play an ascending sequence of consecutive cards in a single suit, provided that the first card beats the previous play.
    • A sequence of three consecutive pairs or a four of a kind can beat a single two (but not any other single card).
    • The most usual combinations are a collection of cards of equal rank, or a sequence of cards of consecutive ranks in the same suit.
    • If a consecutive sequence in the same suit, headed by an Old card, is held by some player then the whole sequence are Old Cards.
    • The lines of various colours are primordium boundaries as recognized in consecutive members of the sequence.
    • At the top of the heap is the straight flush, which consists of any sequence of five consecutive cards of the same suit.
    • A sequence is a group of cards in consecutive order, regardless of suit.
    • An edition is the total number made of an original print, each numbered in consecutive order starting with one.
    • As the sequence progresses, the gaps between consecutive squares get longer and longer.
    • Now, the company is offering customers the option of purchasing the revolvers with consecutive serial numbers.
    • The review units arrived as a matched pair with consecutive serial numbers and sounded well-matched.
    • Back in 1995, the record was only seven consecutive primes in arithmetic progression.
    • As the numbers in the sequence get larger, the ratios of consecutive numbers get closer to the golden ratio.
    • A sequence consists of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit, such as 5 6 7.
    • In the second phase, as an alternative to playing a single card it is possible to play a sequence of two or more consecutive cards in the same suit.
    • A sequence of equal sized, consecutive sets of identical cards can be led.
    • Pretty much it's in consecutive order, but a couple things are out of order.
    • Last month's hike is the first following five consecutive months of falling rates.
    • Economists said this ninth consecutive rise would be followed by further increases in the months ahead.
    • He followed up with three consecutive Championship wins and was runner-up three times in succession.
    • This continued for two consecutive weeks; the final total being 504 holes of golf and who knows how many practice balls!
    • These sessions will continue for four consecutive Thursday evenings.
    • The next three episodes then screen on the following consecutive Sunday nights at 8.00 pm.
    • Trials continue until five consecutive trials are obtained that meet the criteria for range restriction, with a maximum of ten trials.
    • The fall in office rents followed four consecutive years of double-digit growth and was largely caused by fears over the economy.
    • Experimental manipulations within plants continued for six consecutive days.
    • The treatment was started three days after inoculation with amoebae and continued for three consecutive days.
    • The birth rate increased for the third consecutive year following nearly a decade of decline.
    • This treatment was continued for two consecutive days if cows had persistent fever.
    • Her appeal follows the fourth consecutive fall in the number of reported cases of euthanasia.
    • The number has declined for the eighth consecutive month.
    • However, the reality is that the figures still signal expansion for the seventh consecutive month even if the pace is easing somewhat.
    • Higher employment was achieved for the 10th consecutive month in June, but the pace of growth was somewhat less.
    • January was the 50th consecutive month of economic expansion.
    • While eminent singers will be involved as members of the jury, the talent scouting exercise will go on for six consecutive months.
    • The maximum boarding period allowed is three consecutive months.
    • He received two six months consecutive sentences for these charges.
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    (clause/conjunction) consecutivo
    • In its role as a consecutive connector and as a punctuation marker, it corresponds to other markers in English than well or cos, eg. then or therefore.
    • The consecutive connector can be omitted.
    • Consecutive adverbial subordinate sentences are those that express a consequence of what the main clause says.