Translation of consequence in Spanish:


consecuencia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑnsɪkwəns/ /ˈkɒnsɪkw(ə)ns/

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  • 1

    consecuencia feminine
    to be a consequence of sth ser consecuencia / resultado de algo
    • to have consequences tener / traer consecuencias
    • he neglected the business, with the consequence that … descuidó el negocio y como consecuencia … / y a consecuencia de ello …
    • There are two bigger pictures taking shape as a consequence of this result.
    • In fact, twice as many people die in Britain as the result of cold winter nights as they do as a consequence of hot summer days.
    • I do not see how the respondents can claim that they were successful as a consequence of the hearing.
    • Drought in Australia as a consequence of El Niño has had substantial effects on production.
    • As a consequence of this the County Council hope to bring successful prosecutions in the near future.
    • She told the court she feared her client might suffer as a consequence of the Lord Chief Justice's new guidelines.
    • I am much more inclined to think that their alcoholism or addiction has come about as a consequence of their situation.
    • Residents fear a major accident is imminent, as a consequence of the excess speed of vehicles.
    • Of course, as a consequence of all that activity, I'm shattered this morning.
    • We have low inflation and as a consequence of that I think people are creating jobs and full time jobs.
    • People do die as a consequence of our health care system when it cannot provide timely and proper care.
    • Just two years ago, she had one of her legs amputated as a consequence of a rare form of cancer, but vowed it would be no bar to living a full life.
    • I suspect, in fact, that this is as a consequence of having spent so much time recently thinking visually.
    • As part of his claimant stated that he could no longer play any sports as a consequence of the accident.
    • As a consequence of her resignation she was required to vacate the property.
    • This is primarily as a consequence of fuel poverty and inadequate insulation of houses.
    • As a consequence of binge drinking they are also likely to be absent from work or school.
    • The technique ought to be very specific in its choice of target, with few side effects as a consequence.
    • Accordingly, we write to confirm the proposal that we have formulated as a consequence of our recent discussions.
    • Farmers were ruined and indebted as a consequence of war and the passage of troops.
  • 2

    trascendencia feminine
    importancia feminine
    to be of consequence to sb tener trascendencia / ser de importancia para algn
    • that's of no consequence eso no tiene importancia
    • the only French player of any consequence el único jugador francés de cierta talla / que merece ser tenido en cuenta
    • a person of no consequence/of consequence una persona insignificante/de peso
    • Are you going to be a great nation or a couple of forgotten islands of no consequence?
    • In other words, you should barter what is of no consequence to you but may be of value to others.
    • It is of no consequence that the switch of domination occurred after rugby turned professional.
    • He refused to do so, saying that their names were of no consequence since the men in question were dead anyway.
    • As we have said before these small post offices are a central part of local communities, but clearly that is of no consequence.
    • If we do not face global warming and other environmental problems, all the politics in the world are of no consequence.
    • Whatever anybody else is doing out there is of no consequence to us.
    • Then I laughed and made some light comment of no consequence hoping to change the topic.
    • At my age the future of the town is of no consequence in personal terms.
    • The fact that the spot is reserved for a disabled driver is of no consequence to you.
    • For me, the political leanings of either of the two persons discussed is of no consequence.
    • The first time it happened he dismissed it as a silly nightmare of no consequence.
    • Likely as not the prisoner was a man of no consequence who was being used to make trouble.
    • To these people, it is of no consequence that animals should suffer or die, simply for entertainment.
    • Maybe it's enough that he did leave and the reason why is of no consequence at all.
    • The story is interesting but there is nothing of particular consequence for us to note here.
    • They have no property, reputation or access to resources so they can mouth off without consequence.
    • At best, these are tactical devices with limited consequence; but they are not strategic weapons.
    • These are votes on issues that have no real consequence to Canadian society.
    • In fact, it's fair to say that there are no named sources of any consequence in the piece.
    • She marries a respectable Dutch merchant in London and subsequently lives as a person of consequence in Holland.
    • He was clearly of consequence but his hold on power was precarious.
    • Both serving and retired soldiers were persons of consequence in their communities.