Traducción de consequently en español:


consiguientemente, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈkɑnsəkwəntli/ /ˈkɒnsɪkw(ə)ntli/

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    por consiguiente
    • We demand it all and consequently miss what we should be looking for.
    • These effects result in nutrient imbalances in plants, consequently reducing plant growth.
    • I have no expectation that you would consequently disclose any information to me.
    • In a lawless and consequently weak state, man is defenceless and unfree.
    • It's said that each pair of lederhosen has a story to tell and consequently they are never washed.
    • On the farm diesel and silage wrap will rise and consequently the farmers margin of profit will be cut.
    • The boat is wider than a racing craft and consequently is safer for beginners.
    • The separate dish of butter was hard and consequently difficult to spread - a minor difficulty.
    • Many corporates have not been able to cope up with this change and have consequently become sick.
    • When they reach a certain age, they stop believing and consequently stop writing.
    • So for me the gig does have some cache in its own right and consequently I do feel a little excited when I chance to think about it.
    • We are more individualised than ever before, and consequently less social.
    • Cranks and charlatans abound when we are all experts in our own field, and consequently nobody is a real expert at all.
    • The heavy rain made for slippery conditions and consequently mistakes on both sides.
    • She suffered from insomnia and depression and consequently was prescribed anti depressants.
    • It means we can go into those games and maybe enjoy them a little bit more and, consequently, be a little bit more relaxed.
    • The council consequently decided to carry out a peer review on the whole project, he said.
    • I consequently spent a lot of time avoiding the kitchen, holed up in my room reading.
    • Paris is a smaller city than London and consequently has less of a suburban sprawl.
    • The first time we tried it, about a year ago, we loved it and consequently raved about it.