Translation of conservation in Spanish:


protección del medio ambiente, n.

Pronunciation /ˌkɑnsərˈveɪʃ(ə)n/ /kɒnsəˈveɪʃ(ə)n/

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    protección del medio ambiente feminine
    conservación del medio ambiente feminine
    (group/scheme) (before noun) conservacionista
    the conservation of our forests la protección / conservación de nuestros bosques
    • soil conservation conservación del suelo
  • 2

    conservación feminine
    ahorro masculine
    • Broader efforts to cut back sprawl and promote energy conservation are just as important as personal economies.
    • All the scientists I've talked to tell me that the best we can expect is to meet about 25 percent of our energy needs with renewable resources and conservation.
    • However, there have been few attempts to base modern policies of resource conservation and management on customary ways of doing things.
    • More of these crop dollars chasing crop production must be used instead to stimulate resource conservation.
    • The government team in charge of promoting energy conservation has no campaign budget and with three members to handle the issue nationwide, are short of staff.
    • Environmentalists worry that such thinking fosters lax attitudes about earthly issues like global warming and resource conservation.
    • This would require significant readjustments to our lifestyles, including a shift from private to public transport, and a major drive towards energy and resource conservation.
    • The festival also raises awareness about composting, waste prevention, energy conservation, alternative architecture and local and organic food production.
    • Let's talk about energy use, conservation of resources and actually being innovative rather than sentimental about what cities in the 21st century might be.
    • It would solve real problems: energy conservation, sick-building syndrome, resource depletion.
    • Organizers plan to continue the energy conservation and tourist promotion program for at least the next 51 weeks.
    • The festival will also raise awareness about natural health therapies, composting, waste prevention, energy conservation and alternative architecture.
    • The Councillor also asked if the Government would consider further promoting energy conservation, in a bid to get people using less power.
    • The key is conservation of resources above all else.
    • So, we might ask, how do we know how to strike a balance between conservation of resources for the future, and consumption today?
    • Next year we will be working on a transmedia project that deals with the intersection of energy conservation and personal lifestyle.
    • Issues of future adaptability, energy conservation and economy of construction have all been addressed.
    • They hope to do so by developing alternative energy sources, promoting energy conservation and supporting clean energy production.
    • The package emphasizes energy conservation, organic certification, better environmental accounting and environmental legal aid.
    • And some have gone even further, fighting waste by taxing landfill space or encouraging conservation by taxing electricity and water.